Freelance Writers Use EFT (Tapping) and Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

I’ve been experimenting with EFT (emotional freedom technique) also known as tapping. For those who don’t know what EFT is here’s the definition from Wikipedia, “EFT is a form of alternative psychotherapy that uses tapping on acupuncture points while a patient focuses on a specific traumatic memory. This is said to manipulate an energy field practitioners associate with the human body.” Freelance writers, you may think that ‘tapping’ can’t help you grow your freelance writing business but it could.

I discovered The Tapping Solution: EFT Documentary and signed up to receive FREE videos/audio from expert EFT practitioners like Carol Tuttle, Pat Carrington, Margaret Lynch, and others. I was skeptical at first but when I went through the exercises, I experienced a lot of ‘Aha’ moments. By the way, you can use EFT for anything that you may feel is keeping you stuck in your life.

Tapping points

    Karate point
    Inner eyebrow
    Side of eye
    Under eye
    Under nose
    Under arm
    Top of head

Here’s a sample script to ‘tap’ away any anxiety you may have around becoming a successful freelance writer and or owning a freelance writing business:

    Karate point: Even though I’m afraid that people could become envious and angry at me if I become a successful freelance writer, I deeply love and accept myself. (Or you can say, “I choose to accept this problem and it can be solved by using tapping.” This is what’s used in the ‘Choices Method’ of tapping). (Repeat the karate point 3 times!)

    Inner eyebrow: I don’t want a negative reaction from people.

    Side of eye: I just want to be a successful freelance writer.

    Under eye: I just want this.

    Under nose: Suppose I can’t have a successful freelance writing business.

    Chin: I’m bothered by this.

    Collarbone: I want a freelance writing business that’s problem free.

    Under arm: I want this without having any negative side effects.

    Top of head: I want to be a freelance writer without the problem.

Tap the positive

    Karate point: I’m grateful that I can be a freelance writer. (Repeat the karate point 3 times!)

    Inner eyebrow: I’m creating an abundance of money from freelance writing.

    Side of eye: I’m having fun with freelance writing. I love writing!

    Under eye: I’m doing good things with my earnings from my freelance writing business.

    Under nose: I’m grateful that my patterns around freelance writing and a freelance writing business are shifting.

    Chin: I’m experiencing great financial abundance from freelance writing.

    Collarbone: I’m grateful for my wonderful clients and writing projects.

    Under arm: I’m grateful that my freelance writing allows me to pay my bills.

    Top of head: I’m a wealthy freelance writer and all is well!

You may be surprised to find out that the reason you’re not a successful freelance writer is you’re afraid of what people will think, especially your family and friends. For example, they may be afraid to start a business and expect you to feel the same way. They may have the attitude, “What gives her the right to pursue her dreams and have a freelance writing business?” You can be a successful freelance writer if you choose to be one.


Note: You may have to repeat this tapping session five or more times each day until you ‘shift’ your beliefs and energy around becoming a wealthy and successful freelance writer. You can also write your own script that resonates with you. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?