Time Management Saves Your Small Business Money

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Are you a small business owner who suffers from poor time management skills?

The more time you spend doing busywork or running late to important meetings decreases your chances of being a successful business owner.

The fact is that you can’t afford to show up late to events that could increase your business. You also can’t afford to post your content sporadically.

Managing your time is crucial to the success of your business. Without it, you won’t accomplish anything, even though you seem busy.

You may think that you can keep track of time by watching the clock but it doesn’t work..

Before you know it, you’re half way through the day and may not have started projects. Check-in with yourself to see how well you’re doing. Make adjustments to your schedule when necessary.

Do You Waste Time?

Do you check your email in the morning? You’ve probably read that you shouldn’t do this, but I disagree.


Because if you’re waiting for a file from a client or directions to your 11 a.m. meeting, you need to check your email. But you don’t want to get sucked into checking it each time you receive a new email. Once you’ve read through your emails sign out and move on to an important project.

What about social media?

Social media can be a time waster, when you check your personal accounts. Leave your personal networks for the end of the day and focus on your business’s social networks. Upload images, update your status and reply to community members. You can schedule posts, too.

When you’ve spent 15 minutes, an hour or hour and a half on social media, log off.

Keep track of your time!

Categorize Tasks and Projects as Important, Urgent or Busy Work

How do you know if a project is urgent or important?

For example, if you’re a chiropractor and have a full patient schedule, you need to show up and take care of your patients. This is important. But if a colleague sends you an article on the latest on branding for chiropractors, you can place it in the busy work category. Yes, branding is important, but you can read the article later or on the weekend.

Don’t be afraid to assign categories to projects. I do! I’m often asked, “How do you get everything done?” I respond with, “I create a daily schedule and stick to it. If something isn’t on my schedule, it doesn’t get done.” It’s that simple.

3 Time Saving Time Management Tips

1. Answer important emails.

If you like to check you emails in the morning, do so, and close out of your email. Don’t check it again until the end of the day. Why? Because when you get into the habit of checking your emails throughout the day, you lose and waste time. You won’t accomplish important projects on time, and you’ll disappoint clients and customers.

2. Choose a time management system that works for you.

Use Windows Calendar, an organizer, bulletin board, online system, desk calendar, or some other time management system to keep you on schedule. Always allow time for minor interruptions and emergencies, i.e., you have to pick up your child from school because he/she got sick. No matter what, stick to your schedule.

3. Answer important phone calls.

Not an emergency or your clients? Don’t answer your phone. When people know you’re available, e.g., family and friends, they’ll call to chat. While you don’t want to be rude, you have a business to run. When you stop and chat with everyone, you lose valuable time and then you have to stay up late to complete projects. How can you do this if you’re tired? You don’t want to provide clients with poor work and service, do you? Let your voice mail do its job and record messages. Call people back, later.

Here’s another tip. Hang around with people who possess fantastic time management skills. Why? Because you’ll find yourself managing your time better. You’ll show up on time for meetings, complete projects on time and won’t be stressed out.

If you want to accomplish everything on your schedule, you need time management skills.

Spend your time wisely because unlike money, you can’t get more of it.

Over to you. What time management tips can you add? Let me know in the comments.

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