The Challenges and Joys of Freelance Writing … Freelance Writer’s Perspective

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Freelance writing can be a great career for anyone who loves a challenge and organization. Clients and editors keep you on your toes which will test your flexibility and resiliency. You get to interview various people; great way to network and make new business connections which could lead to more writing assignments or new business opportunities. Freelance writing has its ups and down — challenges and joys rolled into one.

Challenges of freelance writing

● Deadlines increase by a few days or one week.

● Changes in the scope of work.

● Connecting with interviewees is a challenge due to time zones and work schedules.

● Finding the best photos (when needed) to accompany a blog post or article.

● Collecting payment from clients. This is why contracts are important.

● Freelance writers are responsible for marketing and PR, accounting, answering calls and emails, etc. It’s your business!

Joys of freelance writing

● Variety of clients and assignments.

● No overhead.

● Work from home; the commute is very short.

● Freelance writing is good for stay-at-home moms; home for the kids.

● Create your own work schedule.

● Take a vacation whenever you want to, not when you’re told you have to.

● Meeting and speaking with new people.

● Own your own business and run it the way YOU want to.

● Choose clients; who do you want to work with?

● Work within a creative industry.


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