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I was interviewed by Andraž Tori, one of the founders of Zemanta, on July 30, 2011. I was introduced to this revolutionary new program from one of the owners of the WM Freelance Writers Connection. Zemanta is easy-to-use and install. More importantly, a blogger doesn’t have to scour the internet for links and pictures. It’s a time-saver!

What is Zemanta? Zemanta is “a revolutionary new platform for accelerating on-line content production for any web user. Any user-created text (a blog post, article or web page) is directly “read” by Zemanta, which recognizes all contextual content. Zemanta then combs the web for the most relevant images, smart links, keywords and text, instantly serving these results to the user to enrich and inform their content. What’s more, Zemanta can be deployed on all major content publishing platforms and web browsers through a simple plug-in.”

What I really like about Zemanta is their attention to customer service. For example, a few weeks ago Zemanta wasn’t working. I wasn’t sure if it was because of WordPress, my hosting company, or the program. I emailed support and someone actually responded to my email. Lo and behold, the program had a glitch which was fixed in no time. This impressed me.

I was happy to be interviewed by Andraž Tori because Zemanta’s management team wants to improve the program; they need and want input from users. I was asked about my experience using the program (so far, so good), how I use the program, what I did and did not like, and how the program could be improved. It was a thorough interview. As a freelance writer, I’m always on the lookout for helpful programs for writers and their clients.

What I like about Zemanta

1. Easy to install and uninstall.

2. Very user friendly.

3. Provides links and photos pertinent to your blog content.

4. Sign up with Zemanta and utilize preferences such as permanently having links open in a new window; submit your website to Zemanta, etc.

If you haven’t heard of Zemanta, try it today. It’s free to use so you have nothing to lose. I downloaded Zemanta for Firefox and Google Chrome (still testing and using the web browser). Again, it’s very easy to install and uninstall if you don’t care for it. If you decide you like Zemanta, let others know about it. Share the knowledge!


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