Surrender Your Freelance Writing Career to a Higher Power

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If your freelance writing career is stifled or stalled, you may want to surrender it to a higher power. What you consider to be a ‘higher power’ is up to you. Some people use the term God, Goddess, Universal Intelligence, or Universal Being, but it’s whatever the term means to you. Release and let your freelance writing go. You may be thinking, “Why the heck would I want to do that? I want to be a freelance writer.” Take it from me, when you try to control or hold onto something with a strong grip, you’ll suffocate it and won’t get anywhere. You’ll become frustrated and feel defeated. If you want a successful freelance writing or ghostwriting career, let it go and allow it to come back to you in a way that works for you!

You may believe surrendering your freelance writing is counterproductive but it’s not. You may believe that taking action every day is necessary but it’s not. Sometimes non-action is required. After all, if you take action every day and aren’t getting anywhere, what does that tell you? By the way, it’s more important to take inspired action than regular action.

How to surrender your freelance writing career

1. Use affirmations. These are positive statements that will help you to get into the ‘receiving’ mode. Deep down, you may not believe you can or deserve to become a successful freelance writer. If you shift your perspective, your writing career will shift.

Affirmations for freelance writers

I love being a successful freelance writer.
I love adding value to my clients.
I add value to my freelance writing clients.
I am a freelance writer.
I write every day.

*If you want to become a published author, you can also say affirmations such as “I’m a successful published author. I write every day. Writing is my passion. My words help people or entertain them.” Use your creativity to write affirmations that work for you.

2. Tune-out the naysayers. You’d be wise not to share your dream of becoming a freelance writer with people who don’t support you or your dream. Like it or not, your family and close friends may ‘rain on your parade’ which can make you second guess yourself. Send them lots of love and do what you want anyway. They’re not in a place of understanding; they’re probably filled with fear or jealous of you.

3. Have faith. This can be easier said than done but having faith in you and your writing ability is imperative. If you don’t believe in you, why should others?

4. Release the need to control your freelance writing. If you plan, strategize, and scheme how you’ll find clients and writing projects, you’ll sabotage your freelance writing career. There are millions of possibilities that could occur. You may think your freelance writing career will include writing bios, web content, blogs, power point presentations, or newsletters, but what if you’re meant to be a freelance writer (ghostwriter) who writes books and magazine articles? This may be the path for you instead of the ‘mish-mosh’ of freelance writing opportunities. Think about it.

5. Aim for the moon and you’ll land among the stars. It’s a clich├ęd saying but it’s true. Aim high and dream big. Use your writing ability and write a book or screenplay. If you’re unsure how to approach these projects, take a class or two. Don’t limit yourself to writing for others — write and publish your own material as well.

If you’re struggling with your freelance writing business, surrender it to a higher power. Let it go and it will be returned to you tenfold. You’d be surprised how ‘freeing’ it can be to surrender. Don’t give up! Look for signs that your writing career may be taking a different direction than you had expected, hoped, or planned. Sometimes controlling and planning don’t always work. Good luck and stay positive!


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