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I discovered the Creative Copy Challenge in 2009. Shane Arthur provides writers with 10 random words, and they write and post short stories using the words. You post your story in the comment section and bold the 10 words. If you’re contemplating beginning a novel, non-fiction book, or short story, you could use the Creative Copy Challenge and other writing prompts to jump start your project!

What I like about participating in the Creative Copy Challenge is the feedback you receive from other writers. I started completing the writing prompts again and have received tremendous feedback on two of my short stories. The one short story was more of an introspective piece and the other is a ‘hot n’ spicy’ story. The spicy story is on my writing project list; I want to finish my short film I started. I’m thrilled the other writers liked my stories. It’s like a ‘mini’ market research to see what tickles peoples’ fancy!

Untitled short story based on Creative Copy Challenge #134

Vivienne Ambrose was tempting fate by pursuing Jack Dalton, but she couldn’t help herself. She found his Southern charm appealing and tingled all over at thought of him. His dark hair and dark eyes were alluring; he became more attractive with each meeting. Convincing him to leave his wife wasn’t easy. After all, Jacquelyn Montgomery was heir to a multi-billion dollar publishing fortune that was started by her grandmother in the late 1880s. Normally, Vivienne’s powers of persuasion would work on anyone but Jack wasn’t easily swayed. She was skilled in the art of seduction but had to step up her game. Dressing in sultry attire wasn’t enough. She needed to revise her plan in order to pull Jack away from Jacquelyn once and for all.

Writing Prompts

Creative Copy Challenge. Writers are providing with 10 words to create a short story from.

Writer’s Digest. Provides writers with a variety of prompts to get the writing flowing.

Writing Prompt Generator. “Looking for ideas to write about?  Use this Prompt Generator to find an idea for your writing essay.” Click the “Next” button to find the right writing prompt for you. For example, one of the prompts was “My dog is very unusual because…” This is a lot of fun!

Creative Writing Prompts. Select from over 300 writing prompts to help you keep your writing skills sharp and write your book. For example, when I put my cursor over #12, I was provided with three lists of words to choose from to write a short story. When I put my cursor over #18, I was provided with “Write what you’d say to an uninvited guest.”

Creative Writing Solutions. Choose from a variety of prompts to ‘spark’ the novel that’s within you. For example, “A jewel-encrusted box is found in an ancient abandoned temple. Describe the box, what is in the box, and the temple. See where it takes you.” This could be a best-seller!

These are some writing prompts that you can use to exercise your writing skills or write the novel you always wanted to write. You can create your own writing prompts by observing people you encounter throughout the day, writing down the words you hear in passing; or sitting down and thinking about what you’d like to write and just go for it!


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