7 Simple Ways to Get Media Interviews in the Next 5 Minutes

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Get Media Interviews in the Next 5 Minutes

Are you an entrepreneur who wrote a book or had one ghostwritten for you? If you did, you’ll want to get media interviews so you can market and promote your book.

Maybe you’re the CEO of a company who is launching a new product that will enhance the lives of millions of people. You’ll want to get media interviews to promote and market your product.

Do you sense a pattern?

Anyone who’s in business wants to get media attention for their product, service, or non-profit.


Because PR can help boost your sales and/or increase awareness and donations for your cause.

It’s important to develop relationships with local reporters and journalists before you reach out to those who are national and/or international. Realize that they can become your biggest allies or enemies.

Below are seven simple ways to get media interviews in the next five minutes. They’re taken from the book Media Magnetism: How to Attract the Favorable Publicity (affiliate link), which I co-authored.

7 Simple Ways to Get Media Interviews in the Next 5 Minutes

1. Produce amazing content

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Whether your content is written by you, a staff writer, or a freelance writer, it MUST be amazing. Don’t copy what everyone else has written. Disagree with your competitor. Voice your opinion on a popular trend within your industry. Get a little controversial. And… don’t be afraid to give away free information besides your blog posts. Give away a white paper, report, case study, or presentation.

2. Build your platform

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If you don’t have a blog or a website, you’ll want to get one ASAP! Why? Because like it or not, clients, customers, literary agents, and publishers expect businesses and entrepreneurs to have a website and/or blog. Not only is a blog a blog a simple way to promote your business, it’s an easy way to engage with your clients and customers and potential business prospects.

Don’t forget about social media. Why? Because if you’re not using social media you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach your market. If you like Twitter, use it. Maybe you prefer Facebook, use it. Then again, perhaps, Pinterest can do more for your business. Use it. Make sure you have a LinkedIn account. Of course, you may want to check out Google+ too. The bottom line is to build your platform.

3. Watch your local news stations and study reporters and their stories

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The best way to get media interviews is to study reporters and their stories. First, you’ll want to observe everything about reporters from their non-verbal cues to their verbal cues. Notice how they dress and how they stand or sit when on assignment. Do they use they gesture during an interview? Do they smile? Are they laser focused? Second, you’ll want to know which reporter does what. Who covers sports? Who covers business? Finally, you’ll want to pay attention to the types of stories being aired. Are they human interest stories? Are they business related stories? How about education related stories? Do the headlines shock you? Pay attention to every little detail.

4. Read your local newspapers and magazines

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Unfortunately, some local newspapers and magazines are either out of business, or downsized their publication dates. Whatever the case is read your local newspapers and magazines. Notice the headlines and how they suck you into a story. Read the newspaper and/or a magazine from beginning to end. By the way, print reporters (journalists) are different from broadcast journalists and reporters. If you should get a media interview with your local newspaper and/or magazine, send a “Thank You” note, but that’s it. Do not send food, flowers, or anything else. A print journalist and/or reporter may think you’re trying to bribe them instead of sending them a lovely gift.

5. Contact radio and TV producers

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If you have successfully built your platform, send radio and TV producers your press kit. Send it in a bright colored folder or box; make it stand out. Call the radio/television producer and tell him/her that you sent your press kit in a bright orange folder, for example. Leave your contact information and patiently wait to hear back. Do not call the producer every day. Why? Because you’ll be labeled as ‘annoying.’ Give it some time and then contact the producer. Always put your best foot forward.

6. Reach out to local media on social media

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As mentioned above in Point #2 Build your platform — you can connect with your local journalists, reporters, and producers via social media. Remember, you don’t have to use every single social network that’s available to you. Choose one or two or three and use them on a daily basis. However, you may want to commit to memory the following phrases “Kill them with kindness” and “Loose lips sink ships.” Remember these while you’re on social media and you’ll be okay.

7. Be helpful and offer value to your target market and create a buzz at the same time

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Be known as someone who is not only an expert, but a helpful person. Your clients and customers are bombarded with information every day. Stand out from the crowd by being a valuable resource, someone who puts their audience first. Create a buzz or frenzy. For example, you could hold a contest or event. Draw as much attention as possible to you and your company and you’ll win the media interview jackpot.

Media Interviews in 5 Minutes

Follow the above steps and you’ll double, even quadruple your media interviews. Be authentic and do your best. Don’t forget to prepare for your interviews and remember that there is no such thing as “off the record.” When in doubt, respond with “I’d rather talk about…” or “The issue really is…” And most importantly, when you participate in a televised media interview, do not dress in cheap clothes! Hire a stylist for the day if you have to. Always present the best possible you. This way you and your company will look good.

Over to you. What tips do have for getting media interviews in the next five minutes? Let me know in the comments below.

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