Make Social Media Work for You

Small business owners, it pays to partake in social media. You can drive traffic to your website and business. The bottom line is that many people are internet savvy these days. They like to surf the internet to find answers to their questions in a matter of minutes. If you’re not capitalizing on this phenomenon, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Social media can seem tedious and time consuming. Stick to the rule of thumb which is a minimum 40 hours per month in order for your website to gain traffic. However, some people spend 15 hours per week (3 hours per day) which is 60 hours per month.

Here’s a Sample Breakdown

  • 1-2 hours on Twitter — per day
  • 1 hour of blogging — per day
  • 30 minutes of analytics — per week
  • 15 minutes on Facebook — per day
  • 15 minutes on LinkedIn — per day
  • 15 minutes on Google Alerts — per week
  • Check email 3 times per day

Is a freelance writer needed to help you with your social media? It makes sense. Chances are a freelance writer already does social media in order to promote her business. Hiring a freelance writer that knows and understands SEO and social media is a win-win situation. Not only do you receive unique content, but social media will be effortless.

Build a Network Through Social Media

Build a Network Through Social Media

A successful small business owner will take advantage of social media. Many people put off social media, but they eventually “buckle” and jump on the bandwagon. Twitter is the easiest social media platform to use. You are only allowed 140 characters. It’s easy to send “tweets” every hour on the hour, just don’t go overboard.

Many successful small business owners use social media endeavors in order to reach out to clients, vendors, and potential clients. It’s good to network with other businesses within your industry. You can make great contacts and you never know when you’ll receive a referral. It could happen.

Connecting with clients via the internet is great way to promote your business, find new and former clients, and to reach out to the community where you live. If you lost clients for whatever reason, you can gain them back through social media. Perhaps they moved away and couldn’t remember the name of your business. If they search the internet, they’ll be able to locate your business and become a client once again.

Being part of the community is a great way to welcome new residents. Sending out advertisements/direct mail to new residents can generate business. Make sure to include your website advertisements/direct mail Many people like the convenience of the internet. All they have to do is type in the URL and BOOM they’ll find your website. Offer a discount to new residents, and they’ll become a client for sure.

If you don’t have a website, it’s time to get one up and running. If you’re not internet savvy find a web designer. You can always use and hire someone who is familiar with the program. Other options are, GoDaddy, Homestead, and countless others. Begin a website today, gain new clients tomorrow!

~ Savvy Writer Rebecca ~

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