Get a Business Referral in Five Easy Steps

Women small business owners, you can get a business referral in five easy steps. Now, if you’re a bit shy about asking for referrals, it’s time to get over it! This may sound easier said than done, but it really is easy to do. It just takes confidence — in you and your business!

Successful small business owners know how to ask for a business referral. It helps if you know how to network and understand networking. That’s another blog post! Obtaining a referral is quite simple — all you do is ask! What’s the worst that can happen? The person may decline. No biggie. Thank him for his time and move forward and ask the next person. As women small business owners, you must be discerning when you deal with people.

Referals Will Get You Far

Networking Will Get You a Referral

Five Easy Steps to Business Referrals

  1. Join networking/referral groups online and or in your area.
  2. Tell everyone that you know about your business — this includes family and friends.
  3. Place an advertisement on Google and in the local newspaper.
  4. Do social Media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and other sites.
  5. Ask for the referral.

Many women small business owners will not ask for referrals — some feel that they will not be able to receive any business referrals. It comes down to an “old way” of thinking — that it’s a man’s world! Change your thinking, change your business. You can receive a referral for your small business; all you have to do is ask for them.

Asking for a referral doesn’t have to be painful. It just takes CONFIDENCE and determination. If you want your business to be a success, you must do what it takes to promote it and obtain clients/customers for it. Sitting in your home or home office waiting for the phone to ring or for someone to walk through the door is wishful thinking. Although, it could happen, but there’s a slim chance it will not happen that way.

Women small business owners, who want to succeed in business, will seek out business referrals for their business. Join groups such as BNI. This organization can help you generate leads and sales. They are located across the USA. It does work. In fact, one member, a chiropractor located in the Phoenix, AZ area earned $33,000 from a referral! Obviously this is a HIGH amount — not the norm. The key point here is that it happened by being a part of a networking/referral group. These extraordinary income amounts do and can happen. So…Women small business owners get out and get those referrals!

~ Savvy Writer Rebecca ~

What’s holding you back from asking for a business referral?

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  1. Right on Rebecca! Just discovered this site. I totally
    agree with you — referrals are a must. Ladies, don’t be
    shy about getting referrals. Believe in yourself, and
    you’ll attract the right clients/people to your business!

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