Cure Writer’s Block by Paying Attention to Your Surroundings

Many freelance writers suffer or have suffered from writer’s block. There’s a cure for it — pay attention to your surroundings and keep your eyes and ears open! That’s all you have to do. You could be grocery shopping, over hear a conversation, and have one or more ideas for a blog post or article. You can’t lose!

Freelance writers can obtain many ideas just by observing your surroundings or paying attention to the news. What are the top news stories? Could you create a blog post or article from them? It’s not recommended to watch the news all of the time because it’s usually bad; however, if you need ideas, you may want to turn in from time to time.

Your family and friends could supply you with a wealth of material for blog posts and articles. You may be skilled at tuning out your family, but you may want to tune back into them. They could be experiencing something in their life that could make for sensational writing. However, you may want to ask your family and friends if it’s all right if you pitch an article based on what it is they’re going through in their life. This is up to you.

Where to find your next blog post or article

Grocery store
Networking event
Current events reported on the news
Your child’s school
The bank
Family and friends
The mall
Hotels and resorts
The park

Writer’s block doesn’t have to plague freelance writers. By observing your surroundings, you can come up with many ideas. In fact, you may have too many ideas that you won’t be able to keep up with pitching and writing stories!

Observing your surroundings comes in handy. Be present in all that you do because you may miss your next big story! For example, if you attend an event, make sure you fully engage in the event. Keep your eyes and ears open. Make sure you really listen to people because they could hold the key to your next writing project.

The next time you’re feeling the “writer’s blocks blues,” drive to the nearest grocery store or gas station. You never know what ideas are waiting to be brought to life. Make sure you bring your recorder or carry pen and paper with you. It would be unfortunate if you missed out on great writing ideas!


How do you handle writer’s block? Share your experiences.