Students Don’t Gotta Be Poor at Reading and Writing

Photo by Herman Brinkman

They say reading and writing go together, but I’m not so sure how true that is today. I’ve been working a temp job as a scorer of the tests students take in elementary, junior high, and high school. It’s been an experience and eye opener. The bottom line is children definitely need help with reading comprehension and writing (grammar and punctuation). It’s sad how the educational system in the U.S. has been on a downward spiral for the past 20 years when compared with countries such as China.

I’m appalled at how deplorable the majority of the 9th grade student’s did on the reading comprehension test. I’m more appalled at their spelling skills. Some will argue that “texting has a lot to do with it.” I disagree. If education is taken seriously then texting will have no bearing on reading and writing scores. Half of the 9th graders couldn’t spell one syllable words such as “again”. Unless the majority of the students were dyslexic, there’s a problem in the schools in the U.S.

Hiring a freelance writer as reading and writing tutor makes sense. Who better to improve test scores than people who write for a living? And, the majority of freelance writers are voracious readers. It makes send to hire a freelance writer to tutor kids in reading and writing. They’ll be able to show kids that reading is fun and how it invokes the imagination.

Reading and writing are important and they go together. If children can’t read and write how will they function in the world? They won’t be able to attend college/university, apply for a student or car loan, or fill out a job application. These are basic essentials to surviving and thriving in the world today. They may as well forget about owning their own business if they can’t read and write.

The main role of teachers is to teach children. If they’re too busy disciplining kids because they have behavioral issues it takes away from the learning environment. Parents, it’s your job to discipline your kids. Provide them with structure, organization, and discipline so they’ll be able to function in school and not be disruptive in class and to other students.

Parents need to take an interest in their children’s education and future. If you’re not involved and aware of how well your kids are doing in school, where does that leave them? Will it become the job of society to take care of them for the rest of their lives? Most people won’t be happy with this outcome. If the U.S.’s educational system doesn’t improve now, it could be the beginning of the end!

Children need reading and writing skills — that’s the bottom line! Parents can hire a freelance writer to tutor children. You’ll be amazed at how well their test scores improve. If you’re not strong in writing essays then you definitely want to hire a freelance writer. Stop setting children up for failure!

Unfortunately, most people don’t like to read or write. If that’s your case, please don’t pass that onto your children. Children may have a passion for reading and writing. Put your feelings aside and let them blossom into a successful readers and writers. It’s their life, not yours!


How well do your children write? Share your thoughts.