What do Freelance Writers and Snakes Have in Common?

Photo by Peter Kuzmichev

You wouldn’t think that snakes and freelance writers have anything in common, but they do. Now before you run for the hills because you have a fear of snakes, stay calm and continue reading. In fact, this may be a good time to shed your fears!

The keywords for snakes are wisdom, beauty, growth and awakening, and transmutation. This must be why the Chinese revere the snake.

Freelance writers often write poignant material that can help people heal their lives. Writers also create beautiful copy that entices people to buy products and services. On the flip side or shadow side, the snake is often represented by the fear of letting go the past which will hold back your new growth. Some freelance writers can’t let go of projects, clients, writing styles, and genres. They become stuck and can’t move forward with their writing.

Following your heart is often advised, but sometimes you can become stuck from doing the same task over and over again. Freelance writers who want to grow their writing business will challenge themselves to write in different styles, tones, and genres. They’ll give web content writing a try versus sticking with the safety of writing only blogs. In fact, if you stretch yourself you could increase your income.

Fact: Did you know that snakes can jump or “fly” from tree to tree? Better look out!

Freelance writing can have a great impact on people. You could ghostwrite a book that will be on the New York Times #1 Best Sellers list that will change the lives of people. You may not get credit for the book, but you’ll know that your words made an impact on many people.

If you’ve been awakened and want to follow your dream of becoming a freelance writer, don’t wait any longer. Like the snake, you’ll grow and awaken over time. You may shed genres and writing styles, but this transmutation will make you a stronger writer. If you want to take your freelance writing to the next level, let go of your fears, projects, clients, and anything else that’s holding you back. Shedding and letting go can open up a world of opportunities for you. Good luck!


How have you grown as a freelance writer? What do you need to shed? Share your thoughts.


  1. There used to be an analogy about dolphins, sharks and carp. I am not a huge snake fan, so I prefer it. Dolphins ride ahead of the wave, brilliant, playful, self-sufficient, squeaking to each other. Sharks (some employers) feed on them as well as the carp. Carp are the rest of the people–prey. I feel a little carpy these days.

  2. Great analogies! I also like the analogy of the spider because they’re web weavers and writers are considered weavers of words.

  3. Great words and associations with snakes… and to think, I almost didn’t read this post because of my irrational fear of snakes…even tho’ I recognize their beauty etc.

    Shedding a fear of being seen and getting my video class really together.


  4. Thanks for the comment and reading the post! I like snakes because they symbolize wisdom. Of course, they do have a “dark” side as does anything in life. Good luck with your video class, it sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out!

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