Your Biz Doesn’t Need to Be on Every Single Social Media Network

Being on every social media network is a mistake-Savvy-Writer.

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Here’s a quick tip about digital marketing for your small business: Stop creating multiple social media network accounts. In fact, you may want to delete a few of them right now. Why? Because you can’t manage and grow all of them effectively – how efficient is it to be on four or more social networks?

When you create multiple social media network accounts, you may not reach your target audience. You may not connect with anyone. What you will do is clog up the internet with content that may not help clients and customers. Keep in mind that there is plenty of content out there. Yours needs to stand out.

Read on to discover why your business doesn’t need to be on every single social media network available to you. It’s really best to focus on 2-3 and build and develop them.

Top Reasons Why Being Every Single Social Media Network is a Mistake

You Actually Create Noise

Being on all social media networks is a great way to add to the noise that’s already on most networks. Creating content for the sake of creating content isn’t the way to grow your business’s online presence. Without a social media plan and strategy, you’ll create noise and clog up the internet. You don’t want to do that, do you?

You Approach Each Social Media Network the Same

Twitter is different from Facebook. Instagram is different from LinkedIn, and so on. If you approach all social media networks the same, you won’t connect and reach your ideal clients and customers. Each social network has rules. Heck, they even have specific target audiences. For example, millennials use Snap Chat. If your small business has a product or service for millennials, you want to be on Snapchat. But also keep in mind gender – females use Instagram versus Twitter. It pays to know where your client or customer hangs out online.

You Can’t Build and Develop Relationships

Social media networks are changing are way of having relationships, and this includes the one we have with businesses. People are savvier shoppers and researches. They avoid content that looks and feels like spam. And you can’t possibly use social media networks for marketing if you’re on every single one that’s available to you. How do you manage them? How effective is it to create multiple accounts? Unless you hire a social media manager, you may waste your time and money (if you run ads). That’s not good business!

You’re Not Getting Results

It’s important pay attention to social media networks statistics. As of January 2016, active social media users have grown by 10% or 219 million. The Global Web Index summary in January 2015 indicated that the top 10 social media networks based on account ownership and active use were Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Badoo, and MySpace. If your business is on one or more of these, you may want to rethink that strategy. Choose 2-3 of these social networks and build and develop them. Once you do, you can revisit adding another account.

Choose Your Social Media Networks for Marketing Carefully

Imagine having your business on 2-3 social media networks. You have mastered them or even hired a social media coordinator or social media manager. Each time you login to your networks, you see more likes, followers, shares, and comments. People love your content.

Not only are you connecting with your ideal clients and customers, but you’re solving their problem. Your ads attract more customers than you may have thought possible.

Sound impossible? It’s not.

All you have to do is look at your social media networks right now and see which ones are growing and doing well. Remember, you want to be where your clients and customers are. They may not be on Twitter. But they may be on Instagram.

Want information about the value of social media networks for businesses? Get this infographic!

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