Avoid Crude and Lewd Twitter Followers

Twitter has become HUGE in the world of social media. But, it’s NOT perfect. You’d be surprised who they allow to have a Twitter account. Unfortunately, they don’t have HIGH security settings like they do on Facebook and MySpace. This means that anyone can follow you and that could be detrimental to your business.

Small business owners do everything they can to protect and uphold their reputation. One mishap and you could lose a ton of customers. It’s unfortunate, but true. This is WHY you must be careful with Twitter. You never know who will be following you.

For example, I received an email that someone was following me on Twitter. I logged into my Twitter account and let’s just say that I was not thrilled with what I saw. Vulgar is a good word to describe the person who thought it would be a good idea to follow me. Disgusted is an UNDERSTATEMENT of how I felt. I immediately sent an email to Twitter DEMANDING that they do something about it. I blocked the person, but when I opened up my Twitter account I still saw the person. It was a very disgusting picture/pose, and I was not AMUSED to say the least.


Twitter is NOT that sophisticated when it comes to privacy. They’re NOT like Facebook and MySpace which gives you a ton of PRIVACY selections. This is the drawback to Twitter.

As a small business owner, you want to ensure that your followers on Twitter are not, how shall I put this, indecent. After all, people can see WHO is following you on Twitter. Imagine the looks on your customers’ faces if they see indecent followers on your Twitter account.

Many small business owners use Twitter as a means to BOOST traffic to their website, connect with customers/clients, others in the industries, and interesting people. Imagine the surprise you may find the next time you log into your Twitter account.

If you ever encounter any crude and lewd followers on your Twitter account, send an email to abuse@twitter.zendesk.com and see what can be done about it. Unfortunately, Twitter’s terms and services DO NOT state that they WILL REMOVE any accounts that may or may not be appropriate. They do have terms and services to protect children, but they miss the mark when it comes to small business owners.

You must be vigilant when it comes to your Twitter account. If someone follows you that you feel is inappropriate, immediately BLOCK the person and contact Twitter. Perhaps if many people speak out, the people at Twitter will update the PRIVACY settings to ensure that NO ONE can just follow you!

Savvy Writer Rebecca