Are You a Special Freelance Writer?

The new “buzz” word seems to be specialization. Everyone who’s anyone is a specialist. Doctors specialize in areas such as cardiac, pediatrics, neurology or some other type of speciality. Freelance writers can become specialists as well. You may believe you’re limiting yourself but you can actually make more as a specialist — just ask doctors!

Freelance writers could specialize in web copy, ad copy, ghostwriting, newsletters, blogs, or articles. You can drill this down by industry. Perhaps you have years of experience in the health and wellness industry, you could write exclusively for this industry. You could be a freelance writer who writes web copy for the health and wellness industry. This is a huge industry!

Some freelance writers may not specialize and this is all right for now. In time, businesses will look to writers who write for one particular area. For example, on LinkedIn HR professionals will post jobs for specific writing such as writing health and wellness articles targeted to HR personnel not employees. You could make decent money if you have experience in this area.

Tip: When you begin your freelance writing career, you’ll probably write a plethora of copy. After you find your “writing legs,” you can begin to diversify and specialize. Until then, sample from the writing buffet and apply for opportunities that will improve your writing skills.

The “specialty trend” will continue to grow. Freelance writing is a great way to make extra income and or transition out of a career that no longer interests you. If you’re a HR professional, consider writing articles for your career area. There are many businesses looking for information on how to strengthen their human resources department. You’ll get the job since you have firsthand experience.

Being a specialist is the same as drilling down your “niche” market. The only difference is that you’ll write specific copy for different industries or for one industry. It’s about being an expert in your field. Clients like to know they’re working with a freelance writer who’s an expert in a certain area. This will give you an advantage over other freelance writers.

If you’re not specializing today, you may tomorrow. The world changes daily and you must change with it. This includes updating your skills and approach to writing. Embrace change and go with the flow because you never know where it will lead you!


What are your freelance writing specialties? Share!


  1. I’ve been through several specialties… was once even a sports writer – lol, those were the days. Have mostly fallen from one topic or specialty to another based on my life, and, of course, what people are willing to pay me to do.

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