How to Use Facebook to Grow Any Business

I can’t tell you how many Facebook Friend and Fan Page Requests I receive from people I don’t know. They don’t tell me who they are or about their product or service. Assuming that everyone will automatically friend or follow your Facebook fan page is a misnomer.

Freelance writers utilize Facebook to market their work. However, before you begin to “friend” everyone on Facebook, tell them who you are and why you’re sending them a friend request. Perhaps you have similar backgrounds or a few friends in common. If they don’t know who you are, chances are they will not accept your friend request. The same applies to your fan page. Who are you and why would a person follow your fan page over another writer’s? What value does your fan page add? What are you doing that’s different from other writers? Knowing the answers to these questions can help your position on Facebook.

Tips and Tricks to Facebook

1. Tell people who you are. Sending out a multitude of friend requests and fan pages could backfire on you. People receive so much information today — they’re on sensory overload! They may discard your requests if they don’t know who you are or what you do.

2. Don’t assume everyone will follow you. This may sting for some people but that’s the way it is. People want to connect with you not feel like they’re being sold to all of the time. Make your request personal and you’ll probably receive a lot of new fans. Don’t assume all people will accept a request because their friends are on your fan page. Some will and some won’t. Combat this by telling them “why” it’s important they become a fan.

3. What value do you add? In order to get people to follow you, make sure you’re adding value to their lives. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses on Facebook. What do you do differently from another company?

4. Create an outstanding ad on Facebook. You’ll have to pay for ad space, but creating a well thought out ad can gain you followers and clients.

Many freelance writers and small businesses are now on Facebook, but they don’t know how to connect with people. Blasting out a ton of friend and fan page requests could work, but sometimes it will not. Personalize your friend or fan page request. Remember that most of the world is desensitized today because they receive too much information in their inbox. You have to capture their attention and interest in seconds! If not, you could be wasting precious time sending friend and fan page requests when you could have been attending a face-to-face networking event.

Remember, people are desensitized today because they receive an alarming amount of information each day. Do them a favor and let them know why it’s important they become of fan of your fan page. They’ll find your approach refreshing!

What approach do you use when connecting with people? Share your expertise.