Marketing department working together

Marketing Department Burning Out? Use These Tips to Revive Your Team

Is your marketing department experiencing burnout and stress? Thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19), chief marketing officers (CMOs), directors of marketing, small business owners, and vice presidents were forced to toss out their marketing plans and pivot to operate in what some call the “new normal.” But being constantly stressed out, tired, and anxious isn’t normal. […]

Business meeting: people sitting at a table with laptops using technology.

How to Use Technology to Support Your Business

Running a business is no easy task, especially given the current economic state of our country. After the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, businesses everywhere were forced to close their doors for safety precautions, and faced overwhelming financial difficulties. However, in recent months, many businesses have survived the storm and are completely revamping their strategies […]

Search engine optimization trends for 2021

21 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends for 2021

Want to increase your web traffic and inquiries? If your website has been returning lackluster results, it may be time to jump on board with these 2021 search engine optimization trends. In this roundup, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks from entrepreneurs, SEO managers, web developers, and SEO consultants that can help you to reach […]

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Tech Tools to Help Your Retail Company Hit Business Goals

This guest blog post on Savvy-Writer about tech tools that can help retail companies hit their business goals is from Career Karma. It is no secret that retail companies are continuously evolving to stay ahead in the game. Adaptability has become a necessary attribute since customers constantly demand a better experience. Today‚Äôs customers want to […]

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Sales: The Secret to Winning at Business and Life

Sometimes winning at business and life may depend on your ability to sell and persuade. For example, have you ever tried selling something only to have it backfire on you? It doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe you wanted to see a movie that your friend didn’t, so you tried selling them on why your […]