Marketing and data analytics. Book cover: The Data Mirage: Why Companies Fail to Actually Use Their Data by Ruben Urgarte

What Marketers Need to Know about Data

This guest post is from Ruben Ugarte, founder of Practico Analytics, providing expertise in data analytics. He has worked with companies on five continents and in all company stages, helping them to use data to make higher quality decisions, boost performance, increase profitability, and make their teams world-class. He also […]

Marketing funnel for lead generation.

Is the Marketing Funnel Dead or on Life Support?

“Is the marketing funnel dead?” It’s a question that’s been asked many times throughout 2020. It’s even caused some marketers to get into heated debates about it. There’s no need to get all twisted up inside about the sales and marketing funnel. While some directors of marketing, marketing managers, chief […]