Infographic: A Definitive Guide to YouTube Bumper Ad Formats and Specs

This guest post on Savvy-Writer about YouTube bumper ad formats and specs is from TechWyse.

We are all living in a fast-growing world, and it is quite natural that our patience level tends to decrease. People say that the attention span of humans is decreasing as days pass by. Technically there is nothing actually wrong with our attention span. But nowadays, it’s pretty challenging to grab someone’s interest for long. That’s not the problem of our brain or nervous system; it’s just that we have plenty of options around us!

Too much information is fed to us daily, which gradually decreases our patience to sit down and watch, read, or listen to these long contents. It poses a significant challenge to many marketers. If you are running a YouTube Ad campaign, you might wonder how you can hook your potential customers with a video ad if they are losing interest in a few seconds!

All of us know that catchy images can serve better when it comes to grabbing attention, but it can never match the impact of a video ad. We are talking about a video ad that lasts only a few seconds. Here is where we start talking about bumper ads by Google. So, what exactly are these ads?

The bumper ad is a six-second video format that is ideal for driving brand reach and frequency. Bumper ads can extend the reach of an ongoing campaign and convey a broader message much more effectively.

Though we can launch these ads as an independent campaign in Google ads, it is highly recommended by Google you tag them along with an existing TrueView campaign!

Are These Ads Worth the Effort?

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people have a low tolerance for lengthy content, and therefore we can say that these ads will serve the purpose. It’s important to keep your ads short and on point. Due to its short length, its design is also less time-consuming. A well-executed bumper ad can escalate your YouTube ad campaigns.

How to Go About It?

If you are an advertiser, you will need a Google ads account. As mentioned earlier, for better results, you will have to pair your campaign with an existing TruevView campaign. You will need a six-second video that can be hosted on YouTube!

An infographic designed by TechWyse, an internet marketing agency, will guide you through the various steps of a YouTube bumper ads. It contains specifications along with some tips for your design.

YouTube Bumber Ad Formats & Specs Infographic

Once you have your video ready, you are ready to move forward with your campaign. Always try to keep it simple and brand-oriented. Make your content visually rich rather than adding too much text or sounds to attract audiences. Adding catchy narration can grab the attention of many. Always make sure to script your ad within the six-second frame rather than trimming a long ad.

One of the biggest advantages of these ads is that you can be sure that your ad is viewed and heard. Setting up a bumper ad is simple and cost-efficient too. If you want to up your brand reach, trying out bumper ads in your next YouTube ad campaign is worth a shot!

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