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When I receive a newsletter that’s filled with useful information I like to share it. However, this isn’t always possible because the owner of the newsletter didn’t include social media ‘sharing’ icons. Nine times out of a ten a newsletter does contain the pertinent ‘follow’ buttons such as Twitter and Facebook. However, some newsletters don’t contain ‘share’ buttons. Why? Why not? Perhaps it’s an oversight. You may want to reconsider sharing your newsletter. It could help you increase your customer base and gain referrals at the same time.

If you want more leads and referrals for your business, allow others to share your newsletter. More importantly, make it easy for clients and customers to share your newsletter by included social media ‘share’ buttons. It’s take more time to open Facebook and Twitter and post a link then it does to click on an icon which opens up Twitter or Facebook. If customers and potential customers have their social networks open, they can easily post a link to your newsletter. If they don’t, they’ll say, “Forget about it.”

Tip: Include Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn ‘share’ icons. You can add others but these are the most popular. In fact, StumbleUpon is out-performing Facebook.

Sharing your newsletter is an easy way to market your business, products, and services. Word-of-mouth advertising is still a viable way to market a business. Most people would rather do business with a company whom their family and friends deal with. Let’s face it; most families and friends connect via Facebook. With one click, your newsletter could reach hundreds, thousands of potential new customers. People would rather do business with a company that’s been referred by someone they know and trust. It’s as if they’re receiving a ‘guarantee’ that your company will treat them well, and provide excellent customer service along with products and services. They don’t have to search the internet or Yellow Pages (some people still receive these) for whatever it is they need. They can find what they’re looking for through Facebook and Twitter. It’s that simple!

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