The Secret to Twitter Retweets … Choose Characters Wisely

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Question: I’d like to increase the amount of ‘retweets’ on my Twitter stream. What can I do? I adhere to the 140 characters or less. This can be tricky because Facebook allows 420 characters. I receive some ‘retweets’ but not many. Help!

Answer: Forget about tweeting 140 characters … Tweet 100 characters!

Remember, Twitter is about content and Facebook is about developing relationships. If you provide great content along with cleverly written ‘tweets,’ you’ll see an increase in the amount of retweets you receive. However, it’s best to post a tweet that’s 100 characters or less. This leaves 40 characters and allows another person the opportunity to add verbiage to your tweet such as, “Read this now; Check this out; and Visit this link.” It allows followers to provide their input to the conversation. On the flip side, if you’re ‘tweet’ is too long, followers may have to edit it. They may not want to spend time editing your tweet. They’ll find something else to retweet.

How to write the perfect tweet that gets retweeted

1. Write eye-catching tweets that will be retweeted. Put your ‘reporter’ hat on and think about the story. Remember the importance of who, what, where, when, how, and why. Peruse newspaper headlines to get a ‘sense’ of how readers are ‘hooked’ into reading a story.

2. Share valuable content.

3. Stay under 140 characters.

4. Shorten the URL before you post it. FYI: Twitter is now shortening links.

Tip: It’s important to write attention-grabbing and concise tweets. Of course, you may not have enough time to spend on social media management. You can hire a freelance writer to manage your social media sites. Communication is their business.

Before you post a tweet read and reread it. Is it eye-catching? What makes the ‘tweet’ unique? How informative and pertinent is the content? More importantly, is it 140 characters or less? If you’re tweet is 140 characters, revise it. Edit it until it’s 100 characters or less. Once you develop this habit, you’ll never go back to using 140 characters. Before you know it, your tweets will be retweeted. Go forth and tweet!


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