What Types of Clients do You Attract? Part I

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This is Part I of a blog that will examine the types of clients you may be attracting to you. Do you attract clients that pay on time or don’t pay at all? Do you attract clients who don’t communicate well with you? Are you attracting clients who balk at your rates? If you’re not attracting the clients you want, you could have set an intention to “get burned” by clients or that you can’t make it as a freelance writer. Take a look inside of you to find the answers.

Before you embark on a freelance writing career understand that it’s a business. If you have no desire to run a small business, forgo freelance writing. In order to grow your business you must find clients that need you. That’s right — clients need you! Make sure you attract the right clients to you, otherwise you’ll be sorry.

What type of client do you want?

Make a list of the qualities you’re looking for in a client and make sure you match 99.9% of those qualities. Are they in a particular industry? Do they give you creative freedom to write what you want? Do they work with you to develop topics? How are their communication skills? Do they prefer phone or email? What do you prefer? Knowing who your client is before you begin freelance writing can save you from constant stress and worry. Speak to any freelance writer and they’ll tell you their “stories” about when they first started out. The lessons they learned were tough but it helped them become the success they are today.

It would behoove freelance writers to overcome the fear of saying “No!” If a client wants you to lower your price below market value, say “No!” If a client wants to negotiate a price and your “gut instinct” sends you a warning not to do it, say “No!” It’s better to lose a client than to start working a project that makes you miserable. Your health is as important as your salary — it’s probably more important!

How much do you charge?

You probably heard the saying, “…charge what you’re worth.” Some writers laugh at this because they’d charge $1,000,000 for a blog post or article. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a client paid this? Remember what Jim Rohn’s teacher told him, “…profits are better than wages.” Freelance writing is no different from other businesses. You’re in business to provide a valuable service, to market your business, and earn a profit. There’s nothing wrong with earning a profit from doing what you love to do.

This is it for Part I of What Types of Clients do You Attract. The second half will examine “Getting Paid” and “Attracting the Clients You Want to Write for.” Stop settling for second or third best. If you know you add value and have a lot of experience, start charging what you’re worth. You’ll be surprised how this “shift” will take you in the right direction.


What types of clients have you attracted to you? Share your experiences.