What Can McDonald’s Teach Freelance Writers about Business

McDonald’s has many restaurants around the world. It’s one of the most recognized establishments in the world. Why is this? Is it because they have the best hamburgers in the world? No, it is not. They didn’t worry about perfecting the best hamburger in the world. They focused on perfecting the art of selling and delivering the hamburger. They’re the best at selling and delivering the hamburger and no other franchise compares to them. If freelance writers perfect the art of sales, delivering, and marketing they’ll go far.

If you’re focused on perfecting your writing, your dream of owning your own business may stay a dream. However, if you focus on the sales and marketing aspect of your business, you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams. This doesn’t mean you neglect improving your writing skills, it simply means you vehemently market you and your business and you learn how to do it.

Fun Fact: McDonald’s owns a significant amount of real estate that surpasses the Catholic Church!

Freelance writers are not in the business of writing. I’ve said it many times that freelance writers are in the business of solving problems and marketing. Think of it this way … your profession is writing but your business is sales and marketing.

How to grow your freelance writing business

  • Learn all you can about sales, marketing, and public relations by taking classes.
  • Read books by bestselling authors such as Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and other masters of business and apply their knowledge to your freelance writing business.
  • Get over the intimidation of selling. If you believe in you and your writing, others will believe in you as well.
  • Be persistent and patient. Sometimes it takes time to grow a business. Most people give up before the 11th hour right when their business is about to take-off. Don’t be one of those people!

Once you master the art of sales, marketing, and delivering there will be no stopping you or your freelance writing business. You’ll be more than a writer; you’ll be a consultant who knows how to help clients become successful through marketing and public relations. You’ll add more value to your clients than you already do.

Take a look at your freelance writing business and evaluate whether or not you’re doing all you can within the realm of sales and marketing. If not, takes a few courses because it can impact your business and you’ll be able to make a bigger impact on your clients. Remember, if you’re not learning, you’re probably dead! The more you know the more valuable you become to your clients and those around you. Good luck!


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