Do You Want to be a Best Selling Author or a Best Writing Author?

Robert Kiyosaki is famous for telling people he’s a Best Selling Author not a Best Writing Author. Writers think that publishing is about writing but it’s about sales and marketing. Your writing style can be reminiscent of Thoreau, Twain, Wolfe, Austin, and other famous authors but if you don’t know how to market and sell your book, it won’t make you money.

If you’re a freelance writer, you may want to take sales and marketing classes. You’ll learn how to market and sell your products and services. You’ll learn all about public relations and how to get free publicity. The publishing industry is all about numbers. The more books you sell equals more money in your pocket, and the pockets of your agent and publisher.

Tip: Literary agents and publishers love marketable books and all of them have their favorite genres. Many writers have proven that they’re not the best or strongest, but their ideas are multi-million dollar ideas. Of course, you must believe in yourself and your ideas to market and sell them.

Freelance writers are always updating their skills by taking writing classes and attending conferences. The one class most writers probably haven’t taken is advertising copywriting. This class can set you apart from other writers. It will take you places that you never dreamed of in your life.

Being a #1 Best Selling Author is different from being a Best Writing Author. You’ll go far as a writer if you understand sales and marketing. If you’re lacking in sales and marketing skills, take a couple of courses at your local college or university. Of course, you can always find and hire people who are skilled in sales and marketing to market you and your book. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Good luck!


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