What Color is Your Press Kit?

Many authors, speakers, writers, and professionals may not have a press kit because they don’t know what to include or feel they don’t need one. If you want to get on TV or radio or speak at corporations, schools, colleges, and universities, you’ll need a press kit. It’s your ticket to the front of the line on your favorite talk show!

Producers and marketing personnel are inundated with press kits. Make yours stand out by sending it in a red, blue, green, orange, florescent yellow, or some other bright colored envelop. Sending a press kit in a boring manila envelope won’t make an impression. Make sure you address the envelope (use a Sharpie) to a specific person and tell them the color of your envelope. This way they’ll know to look for it.

What to include in your press kit

  • Articles you wrote
  • Press clippings
  • Headshot
  • CD or DVD
  • Cover letter (personalized) with logo
  • Testimonies
  • Brochure
  • Business card
  • Post card
  • Curriculum Vitae (academic and or author) and or list of accomplishments
  • Autograph copy of book, CD, or DVD (especially if you’re an author)
  • One sheet (glossy) with quotes from you, paragraph blocks, sample of client list, and picture of you.

The above list is a sample of what you can include in your press kit. If you’re sending a press kit to a radio producer, you’ll want to include one sheet that bullet points what you’ll be speaking about on the show. List at least five to ten points that will grab the producer’s attention.

A press kit reflects how you’re an expert in your field and how you solve peoples’ problems. You want to make sure message is received loud and clear. Remember, …”A radio producer wants to attract current and potential listeners. A television producer wants to attract old and new viewers. A school wants to inform students and parents.” Your press kit could catapult you onto the radar of many influential people. Are you ready for it? If you are then go for it!


What do you have in your press kit? Share.

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