How to Write a Good Book Quickly

It seems that almost everybody is writing a book today. But how many of them will finish? Sadly, most people won’t complete their book. They may think it’s too hard or will take too long. A pessimistic attitude doesn’t help! Follow these tips to writing and publishing a good book quickly.

The first step to writing a quality book in a short amount of time is to have a clear idea about your book. What is the major concept or theme? You may want to do a brainstorming session to narrow this down. Once you decide on the big idea it will become your “author” brand.

You may consider writing a book on tips. Not only is it a quick way to finish a book, it can lead to speaking engagements. A tips or how to book is a great way to promote you and your book, and it can lead to more books and speaking engagements.

How to write a good book quickly tips

  • Decide on the major concept or theme.
  • Write an outline.
  • Create a table of contents.
  • Try not to edit while you write.
  • Use your workshop or speech as the basis for your book.
  • Have a good attitude.
  • Establish a deadline and stick to it.
  • Imitate or mirror a successful book. The point is to use a successful book as a guideline.

If you already wrote a book, you can publish a Version 2.0 of it. Microsoft, WordPress, and other companies like them are always producing different versions of their software and or programs. You can do the same with your book and have it in the hands of readers in no time.

The key to publishing a book is to write it! This is the most important part. If you’re stressed about creating an outline or table of contents, you may want to concentrate on writing your book. Once you have a few chapters or complete your book, you can go back and create a table of contents. You can edit your book or have someone else edit it because they’ll have an objective mindset about it. Make sure the person has editing experience and ask for references. Good luck!


How long is it taking you to write your book? Share.