What Business Are You in Today?

This blog will address the common mistake that most business owners, especially small business owners make. It applies to ALL business owners, this includes freelance writers!

When you ask a business owner, “…what business are you in?” and you’ll receive many responses from “I’m a photographer to I’m a dog groomer.” Unfortunately, those are the wrong answers. The business that you’re actually in is the “marketing” business. Furthermore, you are a problem solver!

Let’s review why you are in business. You are NOT in business to make a profit. You are in business because you are a PROBLEM SOLVER who solves clients’ problems. It’s that simple. Unlearn what you learned in college business courses, especially the MBA program!


People seek your business because they have a problem. They are not coming to you because they have nothing else to do with their money; they need help! They are putting their trust in you to solve their problem in the most efficient and economical way. When you sell and over deliver your products or services, clients will be knocking on your door for a long time.

Many people falter when it comes to their 30-second elevator pitch. When you’re at a networking event, you’ll hear people tell you they are a lawyer, writer, journalist, real estate agent, hair stylist, doctor, chiropractor, or fitness instructor. The list goes on forever. There’s just one problem, you don’t actually tell people what you do. Are you lost yet? You are NOT a fitness instructor, you are a life changer. You are not a hair stylist; you are a beautification expert who transforms the look of men and women with the proper hair style and color. Are you beginning to understand? It boils down to MARKETING you and your business.

The next someone asks you, “what’s your business?” give them a solid response. Don’t say, “I’m a painter.” Say, “…I bring joy to peoples’ lives through vibrant imagery on canvas.” As a business owner, you want to convey an emotion within people, and of course, a sense of urgency that they must contact you NOW for your services.

Business owners, cultivate a 30-second elevator pitch that sells and attracts clients to your business. Hire a freelance writer who can write you a stellar 30-second elevator pitch if you’re not a strong writer. Remember, you are a problem solver and marketer. Remind yourself daily of this and your business will take-off in no time!


What business are you in today?


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  1. I LOVE this!

    “I am in the business of helping others unlock the tools to discover passion and pursue it boldly to their purpose.”

    I now have a new tag for all of my business papers and my websites! Thank you!

  2. Kathryn,

    Thanks for stopping by Savvy-Writer.com!

    I attended a Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Harv Eker. This was a rare occasion because Harv does not speak to crowds of 500 people; he speaks to 5,000 or more people. He asked us, “…what business are you in?” When we told him our businesses, he told us NO, you are in the business of marketing and you solve problems. The MMI event totally changed my outlook on business.

    Here’s the link to Harv’s company Peak Potentials http://www.peakpotentials.com/new/

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