How Would You Rate Your Writing Skills

Some people believe that having great writing skills is not necessary when writing for the web. This cannot be farther from the truth. It’s not necessary to write like John Steinbeck or any other literary giant; however, you’ll obtain expert or authority status quicker if you have good writing skills.

Small business owners do not have to possess excellent writing skills, but it’s necessary to have an understanding of basic grammar and punctuation. How’s your knowledge of the comma? What about quotation marks? Some people write run-on sentences that go on forever and ever and they do not use punctuation to separate conjunctions and they do not know when to stop writing. That was just an example!

Writing skills can be learned if you have the time. Most small business owners would like to make a profit from their business. Marketing, advertising, and networking (used a serial comma) will take up a lot of time. Hiring a freelance writer to write articles and blog posts will save you time and money in the long run. Plus, a freelance writer will be knowledgeable about SEO, SEM, and SMO.

Small business owners may not have the time to acquire writing skills. Freelance writers can alleviate the pressure of writing for your website. They can write blog posts that are rich with SEO. You can either provide a keyword list to freelance writers or pay them extra to research keywords for your site.

Writing skills are important even when you write short blog posts. You want to be taken seriously as a business person. Unless you’re writing a celebrity blog or some other “off beat” topic, good writing skills are still necessary for the web.

Writing can be intimidated for some people. Take the pressure off of you by hiring freelance writers. They enjoy writing and will be happy to write for your website(s). Besides, who wants to do something they do not want to do? It’s all right to ask for help!


How would you rate your writing skills?


  1. My writing skills are pretty darn good. I was fortunate because each of my parents spoke excellent English which means so do I. I can mostly rely on how I speak to make sure I’m writing correctly.

  2. I’m lucky that my parents encouraged me to read, especially the classics. My favorite classes in high school were English, literature, and art. Too bad I chose the “security” path of accounting. Then again, when I receive a publishing or film contract, I’ll understand the terms and conditions; I’ll what questions to ask!

  3. Kathryn,

    Thanks for the comment! I finished two screenplays and will be proofreading and editing. I know have some “technical” errors, but these are my first screenplays.

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