What Do Images Have in Common with Wedding Dresses?

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been having many conversations with people about images. From choosing the right images for their blog, website or social media networks to high resolution images, I’ve been involved in a series of conversation regarding images.

Images add that extra something special to your website, blog, or social networks.

Using the right images on your blog, website, or social networks adds to the value of your content. However, you want to make sure photos look good. Read on to find out what images have in common with wedding dresses

Resize Images: Choose the Right Images, Get the Right Fit

Women everywhere, who are getting married, want to find that perfect wedding dress.

Sure, they may drive themselves and those around them crazy and turn into Bridezillas. But they’re determined to shop for and find the perfect dress for their perfect wedding day, no matter what.

Image Point #1

You want to find the right images for your blog, website or social media networks.

You can purchase stock photos from Bigstock Photos (my preferred photo site), iPhoto, Dreamstime and other image sites like them. You can either purchase a monthly package or credits (I purchase these).

If you don’t want to buy stock photos, you can download free images from sites, such as Dreamstime (sign up for free images) FreeImages (I use this site), Creative Commons, Public Domain Pictures and other free image sites.

When you use images, you need to make sure you have the copyright to do so. You may need to contact the artist or photographer.

If you belong to a chamber of commerce, scroll through the member directory and look for copyright attorneys and lawyers. Make a phone call or send an email and set up a time to talk about copyright law. You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to know the basics.

If your chamber of commerce doesn’t have copyright attorneys or lawyers, but they do have corporate or divorce lawyers, make a phone call or send an email. Why? Because attorneys and lawyers network; you can be connected with someone who specializes in copyright law.


What happens when women find their perfect wedding dresses?

They start dieting! Actually, they start dieting before they shop for wedding dresses.

However, if they step into a dress and it’s a bit snug, they’ll step up their health and fitness routine.


Because women and seamstresses know that it’s easier to take-in wedding dresses than it is to let them out and having to add material.

Image Point #2

It’s better to shrink a high resolution image of 300 dpi (dots per inch) rather than trying to enlarge a 72 dpi (dots per inch) image that will look like crap on your blog, website, or social networks. Here’s an example:

If you’re a freelance social media manger whose client asks you to upload their new logo to Facebook, make sure you ask for high res logo. This way you can resize the image and it won’t look funky.

To Recap:

  1. You want to choose the right photos for your blog, website, or social networks.
  2. Purchase or download free high resolution images.

So there you have it.

Images have a lot in common with wedding dresses.

It’s better to shrink (take-in) a high resolution image rather than enlarge (let out) a low resolution or smaller image.

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