Recording Your Book is the Fastest Way to Write It

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Many freelance writers and ghostwriters write their own books. Some of them will seek out publishers while others will self-publish their book. The bottom line is that you must write your book in order to get it published. What if you’re in a writing slump? What if time seems to be passing you by quicker than you expected? How can you write your book in a shorter amount of time? That’s easy, record your book and give it to someone to transcribe.

Freelance writers know that writing a book takes time, dedication, and perseverance. Many writers give up because it’s a daunting prospect to write 40,000 or more words. If the thought of writing a book appeals to you but you don’t want to type it, record it instead. This may sound crazy but it’s a fast way to complete your book. Make sure you hire a transcriber you can trust and have them type out your book. If you’re lucky, the transcriber you hire will also have editing expertise which will save you time having to find a professional editor.

Benefits of recording your book

  • You get to hear the audio version of it.
  • You can save time by recording it and allowing a transcriber to type it.
  • Recording your book is a fast way to get it published.
  • Once you record your first book, you can begin your second book.

Most freelance writers have 10 or more clients which means writing a book is usually shelved. It’s time to bring your ideas down from the shelf and finally have them written. The only difference is that you’ll record your books instead of actually writing or typing them. It may seem against your nature to allow someone else to type your book, but it could be the best solution for you if you can’t ‘squeeze’ in writing time.

When I heard that some writers actually record their books and have them transcribed, I thought the idea was kind of out there but it makes sense. Sometimes we speak quicker than we type. Our minds are going a million miles per second and our fingers can’t keep up. Recording your book could save you time and frustration. It will be finished and off to the transcriber.

Freelance writers, finishing your book ahead of schedule will be a great feeling. Tackle your book today; don’t wait until ‘inspiration’ strikes you. Grab a recorder and start recording your book today. Once it’s bound and ready to go, you can share it will family and friends and give it away as a gift!


How long does it take you to write a book? Would you consider recording your book? Share.