Is Your Administrative or Personal Assistant Costing You Money?

How can your administrative or personal assistant cost you money? By writing and sending poorly written emails to existing and potential new clients. If you don’t review emails, you won’t know if your assistant is properly conveying the tone, voice and style you want. Like it or not, your administrative or personal assistant is a reflection of you. Let me give you an example. I emailed someone, who’s in the public eye (radio, TV appearances, etc.), about the use of their services. However, I didn’t receive a ‘fuzzy feeling’ when I read the email from their personal assistant. Here’s a ‘paraphrase of the email: “So and So can assist you. It’s $X.XX dollar amount via email and $X.XX dollar amount via phone. So and So has This and That Book. If you want to figure this out on your own, I suggest you purchase the books to learn all about it. If you want to make an appointment, please respond to this email.” I declined the services and found someone else. The personal assistant cost her boss a sale, future sales and revenue from me. I also opted out of the monthly newsletter.

Here’s how I would have responded:

Thank you for contacting So and So who’ll be happy to assist you. Services cost $X.XX to $X.XX for (fill in the blank). Please note: So and So wrote This and That Book which can also be used to assist you with your inquiry. Please visit to learn more and purchase the books. To schedule an appointment with So and So, please respond to this email with your contact information and best times to contact you; we’ll schedule your appointment straightaway. Again, thank you for contacting So and So and inquiring about her services. We look forward to working with you. Have a great day!

Which sounds better? “I suggest you …. or Please note: So and So wrote This and That Book which can also be used to assist you with your inquiry. Please visit to learn more and purchase the books. Furthermore, I contacted this person so they could assist me and figure it out for me. Why would I pay their fee if I can figure it out for myself? Translation … I’ll solve my own problem! I don’t need their services.

Let’s face it; people buy on emotion. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, but nine times out of 10, clients and customers buy with their ‘feelings’ versus their ‘brain.’ If your administrative or personal assistant answers emails for you, make sure they know how to professionally write them. Better, yet hire me, and I’ll write them for you!

As a writer, I’m fully aware of tone, voice and style. Sometimes, administrative and personal assistants don’t understand how tone, voice and style can and will affect a sale. They don’t put themselves into the shoes of the recipients and think, “How will clients/customers react to this? How professional does this sound? What’s the tone and voice of the email saying? How will this email close the sale?” Quite frankly, some do not possess business acumen. While your administrative/personal assistant can’t be responsible how clients and or potential clients will react to their words, it’s better to err on the side of caution and read and re-read emails before they’re sent out.

If you’ve noticed a drop in sales or complaints from existing and new clients, read the emails sent by your administrative or personal assistant. If you want to grow your business, consider reevaluating your administrative/personal assistant’s business and soft skills (communication). This may be difficult if they’ve been with you for a long time. However, if you want to increase sales and revenue, it must be done. I couldn’t imagine Donald Trump keeping someone around just because they’re a nice guy or gal. He’d probably try to find them another position within the company; however, he wouldn’t allow an employee to cost him money. It’s something to think about.

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