How to Become an Organized Business Owner

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How organized is your office or home office? What about your files? What about your computer files? I love organization! Clutter does not work for me — it never has. My home office must be neat, clean and tidy. I can get overwhelmed by too much office furniture, books and other reference materials, papers and other office items. Organization is thy name; communications is my game!

Becoming an organized business owner will set you free. You won’t stress out when clients call because you can’t find their files. I know what you’re thinking, “Organization isn’t for me. I can find everything I need; I have a system.”¬†However, your clients may not appreciate being kept on hold while you dig through mountains of files and papers. Give organization a chance — it could work for you.

How to Become an Organized Business Owner

Make the decision to become an organized business owner. If you’re sick and tired of having to look for pen and paper, the phone, files or anything else, it’s time to embrace organization. You can buy office organizers from any local retailer or office supplies store. In fact, you may want to purchase brand new office supplies to mark your first step into the world of organization.

Take it one file at a time. If your office or home office is covered with files, purchase file cabinets and organize your files. Go through each file, scan documents and create file folders on your computer (if you haven’t done this already). Shred papers you don’t need or save them to your computer.

Purchase organizers. You can buy office and or home organizers from local retailers. They don’t cost much and are easy to install. If you’re not handy, hire someone to install the cabinets and shelving. Once you’ve organized your office and or home office, you’ll feel better.

Hire an organizational consultant.¬†Believe it or not, you can hire a professional organizer. They’ll help you organize your office and or home office. Some are skilled in the art of ‘Feng Shui‘ which means they’ll create the perfect ‘chi’ for you and your office. You should notice a difference in the flow of energy; business could increase.

Some experts believe they can tell how ‘functional’ you are by the way your office or home office is organized. For example, if your office looks as if a cyclone went through it, most experts would probably say your business, finances, relationships and other areas of your life are disorganized. Sometimes this is true, but not always. Test this theory by looking at your life. How is your financial situation? How is your business? Is it thriving or dying? How strong are your relationships? Do you have close connections with business associates, clients, co-workers, family, friends and others? If you’re out of balance in any of these and other areas of your life (especially your professional life), chances are you’re disorganized. Get to the ‘root’ cause of your disorganization in order to become the organized business person you can be.

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