How Can Intuition Help Your Freelance Writing Business?

Intuition )inner knowing) also known as “sixth sense” can help your freelance writing. Have you ever had the following experience: your speaking with a client and your jaw clenches or you feel a tightness in your gut. This is a sign that working with this particular client could wreak havoc on your life. It may pay well but could be more trouble than it’s worth. Your intuition can guide you if you listen to it!

You may think intuition or sixth sense is a bunch of nonsense but you probably had experiences in the past where you had an “inner knowing” that you shouldn’t accept an assignment. If you chose to ignore the signs, you probably had one hell of an experience. Perhaps you weren’t paid or the client constantly made changes but wouldn’t pay you for them. If you would have listened to your inner voice, you could have avoided the situation.

Listening to your intuition can help you build your freelance writing business. Once you tune in and tap in to your inner being, you can take your business to the next level. You’ll know when people are lying to you. You’ll know that an assignment sounds to good to be true. You’ll instinctively know when to walk away from clients. It’s the best partner to have in business.

Intuition is like an internal GPS system. It can point you in the right direction if you listen to it. If you ignore it, you’ll go off course until you correct yourself.


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