7 Things My Business Degrees Taught Me About Having a Freelance Writing Business

Some believe higher education is a waste of time and money; the paper you receive isn’t worth the amount of money or time you spent attending classes. This is a matter of perception. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit but no business sense, you may end up sabotaging your business. Like it or not, freelance writing is more than writing, it’s a business. You’re in business to solve a problem and to market your business. And, if you’re solely in business to make money, you may not be in business for that long.

Many people romanticize freelance writing. They daydream about seeing their byline and picture in magazines and newspapers. There’s nothing wrong with this but you have to find the publications, pitch your ideas, agree upon a fee, work with an editor, and write the copy by a deadline. If you’re serious about freelance writing then you’ll realize that it’s a business and you need skills and common sense to run it. If you don’t understand how to market yourself, where and how to find clients/publications, how to research, how to create a budget, how to use accounting software, how to use programs such as PowerPoint or Excel, or how to speak with people, you may struggle to develop your writing business. This will discourage you and you’ll quit!

FYI: Two of my degrees are in accounting. I know how to use accounting software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS90, and other software. I can easily put together an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. If I have questions, I consult a CPA!

Organization is your friend. I never had a problem with organization; I enjoy being organized! If a client has a question about the scope of work or contractual fees, I grab the paperwork with ease and don’t keep them on the phone too long. I can easily email a copy of the contract in case the client misplaced their copy. Most people can’t find a pen to write with or their cell phone! Being organized is apart of being professional.

7 things my business degrees taught me

  • Building relationships with people is a key component to developing and continuing a business.
  • You’re in the business of solving problems and marketing.
  • Organization isn’t something to fear — it can be your friend.
  • You can’t get away from accounting no matter what career you have.
  • Develop and continue to develop research skills.
  • Pay attention to the latest trends within your industry.
  • You never stop learning.

These are the 7 Things My Business Degree Taught Me About Freelance Writing, and I hope they help you develop your freelance writing business. Perhaps it will help you decide if you really want to become a full-time full freelance writer. Whatever you decide, follow your dreams, and go for it!


How have your degrees helped you with your freelance writing business? Share.