Go Green or Go Out of Business

Going green is not going away anytime soon. With all of the reports on global warming, people are taking measures to do what they can to improve the planet. This may mean dumping small businesses that are not doing their part to conserve and preserve the environment. If you’re not on the going green band wagon, you may want to jump on before you small business is left in the dust!

Small business owners who don’t take advantage of the going green phenomenon can be left out in the cold. Consumers are becoming more aware of environment and conservation efforts; therefore, they’re looking to businesses to clean up their act. If not, they’ll be tempted to shop at a competitor.

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Small businesses going green can actually increase their profits. Implementing an electronic billing system will decrease the amount of trees that are cut down and the amount you spend on sending out invoices, postage, envelopes, and everything else that goes with a paper invoice.

Ways to Green Your Business

  • Buy office products and equipment that have the “Energy Star” logo. For example, energy saving light bulbs can save you money on electricity. The cost for these products is getting more reasonable;
  • Clean you office with green products. Soaps, hand soap, detergents, and dish soaps are becoming more environmentally friendly. These products will reduce the amount of pollutants in streams and rivers;
  • Become a paperless office. Use email to send reports. Print emails that you must keep for your records. Only print one copy of a report and send it to everyone that needs to see it. Proofread on the screen (might be difficult for some writers) and print less drafts and letters;
  • Recycle paper products such as magazines, newspapers, printer and copier paper, and paper and plastic bags. Recycling will reduce the amount of waste in landfills and save natural resources;
  • Allow some employees such as copy writers and graphic designer to telecommute from home (either on a full-time or part-time basis). It’s been proven that employees will more likely be more productive from home than in the office. Companies and employees save on gasoline consumption along with preserving air quality and road maintenance;
  • Recycle old computer equipment. Dell and HP have implemented “asset recycling” programs; they take back your old equipment when you purchase new computer equipment. Staples and Office Depot offer e-waste recycling programs;
  • Ask landscapers and lawn treatment companies if they use green products. Lawn treatment chemicals are becoming more green friendly because the cost is about the same in the long run;
  • Get educated about going green. Resources are available to help small businesses find ways to become “greener” companies.

Small businesses that don’t choose to go green may slowly go out of business. Eventually consumers will become inundated with advertisement and information about “green living” that they’ll expect businesses to change their ways. If not, you could watch your dollars go out the window to your competitors down the street.

Savvy Writer Rebecca

What are you doing to “go green” with your small business?