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ExactSeek can take the hassle out of driving traffic to your website. Many people engage in PPC Marketing only to end up spending a ton of cash to make little or no profit. Small business owners that don’t understand PPC marketing can find themselves in the RED instead of the black!

Small businesses can drive traffic through PPC Marketing. This can take time and money to do. ExactSeek offers Guaranteed Top 10 Exposure to search engines and web directories.

Benefits of ExactSeek

  • Quick Inclusion: A Featured Listing is added within 6 to 8 hours to many search engines.
  • Free Member Account: You are given a secure member account where you can login at anytime to edit your Featured Listings and monitor your click-through and search impression stats.
  • Low Cost: Pay a $12.00 (one-time fee) for one Featured Listing. You don’t bid on keywords and you’re not charged for clicks or impressions, unlike Google AdWords. You keep your keyword term selection indefinitely unless you cancel the automatic renewal.
  • Free With Your Order: Download four bonuses such as Email Advisor, SEO Secrets, What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had, and Top SEO Secrets — valued at over $90.


ExactSeek can help small business owners gain web traffic for little cost. When you do PPC Marketing you MUST understand what you’re doing. You may find that you test campaign after campaign without any success. The same goes for testing keywords. ExactSeek alleviates the pressure to drive traffic to your website.

Featured Listing Components

  • Title: Create a title for your Featured Listing. The maximum is 30 characters, this includes spaces.
  • Description: With a maximum of 100 characters (including spaces), enter a description of your product, service, or website.
  • URL: The web address that your visitors will be directed to when they click on your Featured Listing.
  • Keyword Term: Keywords and phrases that causes your Featured Listing to be displayed when visitors perform a search.

Small business owners take advantage of ExactSeek. If you need assistance with keywords, use ExactSeek’s Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool to discover the general search popularity of a keyword or keyword phrase. Check is your keyword is available on ExactSeek by using the Keyword Availability Tool. The Number Available shows how many times your keyword can still be purchased. None Available means that your keyword or keyword phrase is sold out.

Use ExactSeek if you’d like to drive traffic to your website. There’s no hassle to submitting your listing. You can use via PayPal or 2Checkout for the service. Visit ExactSeek today and tomorrow your traffic and profits will increase!

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