Freelance Writing from Home Saves Money

Freelance writing from home has many benefits to it. One benefit is that freelance writers save businesses money. How? A freelance writer usually works from home, unless a company requires them to work on site. Otherwise, there’s no need to budget for extra space or office supplies. Another benefit of freelance writing from home is that writers are not distracted when they write. Kids are in school or with a babysitter and pets can be at a doggie or kitty daycare. Writers are focused on their projects and adhere to their hours. This is serious business!

Freelance writing from home saves businesses money on costs such as health insurance. Most writers carry their own health insurance because they are self-employed. This can save a company’s bottom line and budget. Plus, a company will not have to pay sick time.


Businesses that are going green will love the fact that freelance writers work from home. There’s no need for a writer to drive 50 miles round trip to add to noise or atmospheric pollution. Meetings can take place via SKYPE. The environment will benefit from one less driver on the road.

Freelance writing from home has benefits for businesses. Writers meet or exceed deadlines, they stay objective, and stay out of office politics. More importantly, they can fill in when staff writers go on vacation or maternity leave!

Many writers have diversified portfolios which means she will understand your industry. Don’t forget about SEO. It’s important to optimize your website. This is yet another benefit because freelance writers stay on top of current writing trends, especially those that involve SEO, SEM, and SMO.

Go ahead and hire a freelance writer today and watch as the savings build up. With all the money that you’ll save, you can add solar panels to your office building and really go green!


When will you hire a freelance writer?

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