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This is a review of Ginger Software and based on my ‘use’ of the writing software. I was not paid to write this review. However, I was offered a permanent version of Ginger Software which I have yet to activate.

Rony H., who’s a part of Ginger Software’s marketing team, emailed and asked me if I’d be interested in testing and reviewing Ginger Software. Before I agreed, I inquired about Ginger’s customer service. I will no longer review products without knowing how a company responds and treats customers. Too many writers complained about the customer service of another writing software company which has prompted me to ask ‘tough’ questions. With that said, here’s the review of Ginger Software.

What I like about Ginger

Let me reiterate how much I appreciated the attention to customer service. I communicated with Rony, who was nothing but professional and speedy, with responding to my inquiries. I found Ginger software to be super easy to download; it didn’t take long. The bonus is there are no ‘wonky’ toolbars downloaded onto your computer. This is a big issue with other writing softwares.

Ginger Software includes features such as a Learning and Settings section. The Learning section is very helpful. When you click on Learning, you’re taken to Ginger Learning. Click on the ‘Most Recommended Topics’ to learn more about these areas. You have the option to review Lessons and Quizzes. This is extremely helpful for writers.

I liked how Ginger Software scanned my writing line-by-line. The writing software also catches and hi-lights errors. You have the opportunity to correct or learn more about the errors by clicking on Learning.

When you click on Settings, you can view General, Display, and Speech settings. Adjust these according to your needs. I liked the ‘Speech’ setting because sometimes it’s helpful to hear what you wrote. The Settings section includes Enter Activation Code, Help, Contact Support, and About.

What could be improved?

My suggestions were as follows:

1. Include a translator. Sometimes, a writer translates writing into different languages.

2. Include reference materials such as dictionary, thesaurus, etc. I didn’t see these.

3. Include information on punctuation in the Learning section.

Free gifts for you from Ginger Software

1. Ginger Software’s free online correction service where your website visitors can go and paste/type their text and have it corrected instantly. Visit Ginger Software to grab your free gift.

2. Ginger Software’s brand new writing tool for web sites. The writing tool below can be placed on any webpage on your website, to enable the website visitors to receive corrections directly from your website. Visit Ginger Software to grab this free gift.

If you want to purchase writing software that’s easy to use, consider purchasing Ginger Software. As I said, I inquired about the company’s customer service before I agreed to ‘test’ the writing software. I, personally, had no issues with customer service and communication with Rony. Plus, the company’s offered everyone free gifts. This doesn’t happen every day. You may want to take advantage of this generous offer.


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