Freelance Writer Takes Photos like Annie Leibovitz … Impresses Editors

Photography books that have helped.

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Hey! It’s Amandah.

As a freelance writer, business owners often ask me questions about content writing, copy writing, and social media. However, I also receive questions from aspiring freelance writers.

One of the most common question is about images, i.e., where to find them.

While you can purchase stock photography from websites such as, iStock Photo, Bigstock Photography (I purchase images from them.), Dreamstime and others, you may want to take your own photos.


Because it will save you time and money and you may want to sell your photographs, which is another source of income.

Question: Why is it important for a freelance writer to take her or his own photos?

Answer: Taking your own photos shows you’re a versatile freelance writer. Not only can you write, but you can take photos like famed and in-demand photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Anything you can do to add value to your freelance writing is a benefit to you and clients. Make sure to invest in a well made recorder to record interviews. This way you won’t miss any pertinent information. And, you’ll be able to take as many photos as you need because you won’t be solely focused on writing. If you’re skilled in photography, you can control the angle and shots. The photos will complement the article you want to write. Remember, you want to ‘show’ and not tell. Taking your own photos means not having to wait until a photographer is free.

FYI: Photography and freelance writing complement each other. Both capture a story and invoke emotions from readers. Remember, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Photos could easily reveal a story with verbiage here and there. It’s a great way to stretch your artistic skills.

If you thought about pursuing photography, start researching cameras and select one that’s right for you. Another benefit is you could sell photographs and have another stream of income besides freelance writing. You could be honored by an art gallery who wants to showcase your photographs. You’ll be the one posing for photographers as they ‘snap’ your picture for a feature article. It could happen!

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