Battle of the Web Browsers: Firefox vs. Google Chrome

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Question: Which web browser is better and faster, Firefox or Google Chrome? I’ve been a loyal Firefox user for many users but have been told Google Chrome is faster and more efficient. I read an article on the internet about Google discontinuing support for the Firefox toolbar. Maybe it’s time for a switch.

Answer: With the onset of Google+ about to take over the internet ‘cyber’ waves, you may want to ‘test drive’ Google Chrome. I am.

I began testing Google Chrome last Saturday and admit it seems faster than Firefox. I’ve used Firefox for many years. Before that, I used Internet Explorer and dabbled with Safari. I’m enjoying Google Chrome because it seems to load my log-ins and websites faster. I don’t tap my fingers on my desk and count, “One, one thousand; two, one thousand; three, one thousand; four, one thousand; and so forth. I can get in and out and do what I need to do without any fuss.

Firefox has served me well, but it seems to be slower than Google Chrome. I appreciate the constant updates from Firefox; however, it doesn’t seem to be faster. Then again, maybe Firefox can’t handle the multiple toolbars I use such as Yahoo, Ping, and AVG. I could probably delete one or two of them. But, I enjoy listening to internet radio; one of the toolbars has an app for it. Google Chrome has many internet radio apps; however, I’m not sure if they’re available on a toolbar.

Change can be good — it can be easy. I imported my bookmarks from Firefox to Google Chrome with ease. I haven’t bookmarked anything with Google Chrome, yet.

I’m amazed at how fast Google Chrome loads. One of the issues I’ve had with Firefox is receiving the following message, “Firefox is still running” when I close Firefox but try to reopen it because I forgot to check one of my email accounts or research something. How can Firefox still be running when I closed the browser? This has been frustrating. When I close out of Firefox and want to reopen the browser — it takes multiple tries before it opens. I haven’t experienced this with Google Chrome. I can close and open the browser without any problem.

I haven’t completely abandoned using Firefox. Like I said, “I enjoy listening to internet radio.” It’s easy to click on the app on the toolbar and select stations or search for new ones. Also, Firefox can be customized more so than Google Chrome. For example, I use add-ons like SEO for Firefox and others. For now, I’ll toggle back and forth between Firefox and Google and keep testing and comparing. Stay tuned!


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