Bloggers and Authors Who K.I.T. Have Loyal Followers


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Bloggers and Authors,

According to Elizabeth Marshall, co-author of The Contrarian Effect and founder and host of, “Authors need to develop a habit of keeping in touch.” I agree with this and would take it a step further to say, “It’s important to keep in touch with your audience. As an avid reader of books and blogs, I appreciateĀ  blog owners and authors who respond to a comment I post on a blog post or fan page. However, some don’t respond; even with an automated response. While I understand you can’t respond to every single comment (unless you have an assistant or two), some readers would appreciate knowing their comment meant or contributed something to a post or discussion.

Elizabeth emphasizes that it’s important to build and develop the right relationships. She says, “Build rapport before asking for favors.” This could be applied to the developing your relationship with your target audience. Allow them to see how much value you add; allow them to see your relevance. Make sure your audience understands your message and vision. How do they align with it? Does it apply to them? When the time’s right, you can ask for help with promoting your blog and or book.

Tips to keeping in touch with your audience

* Reply to comments left on blog posts and fan pages.

* Reply to emails.

* Send out email blasts with updates about your blog and or book.

* Create a Twitter account and post relevant information.

Developing audience relationships is just as important as developing business relationships. Let’s face it; you don’t get accolades and awards without your audience. You don’t get on The New York Times Best-Sellers list because critics believe your book is the best. You get on the list based on weekly sales. And that’s the bottom line!


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