Formula for Success: Find It, Like It, Buy It

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Many small business owners are not making money on the internet. They have a website, but it’s sitting in cyberspace among other websites. Your website is part of the equation to making money online, but there are many factors involved. For example, do you engage in social media? If you don’t, you could be missing out on money making opportunities.

Making money on the internet comes down to the following formula: Find It, Like It, and Buy It. Your customers find you (website), like your product or service, and buy it. That’s it! The formula is very simple. So why do many small businesses and owners make little or no money online? There are threes reasons: businesses don’t not have a proper website, they don’t know how to market to their target audience or they don’t know who their target market is, and they don’t take the right action.

3 Keys to Making Money on the Internet

1. The right website goes along way. You can have a beautiful website and it may not receive any traffic. SEO (search engine optimization) concepts can boost traffic to your website. Hire a freelance writer who knows and understands how to write for the web. It’s different from writing for print. Paragraphs are shorter, to the point, and filled with keywords (not too many — that’s keyword stuffing). When a prospective buyer types a keyword or keyword phrase into Google, your website will come appear in the search. Many small businesses like to be on the first page, preferably in the #1 spot! This could be done, if you use the right keywords and have a strong web presence.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Adding Adobe Flash to your website is fine as long as you don’t go overboard. Remember that peoples’ web browsers load at various speeds. A slow loading website will not do well. Visitors will click off and find another website.

2. Know how to market to your audience and know your target market. You may be targeting the wrong people. Hire a marketing person who can help you determine your target market. This way it will be easier to market your products and or services to them.

3. Take the right action. What action are you taking? Are you involved in social media? Do you network? Are you offering great deals and discounts? What sets your product/service apart from the competition? Without knowing the answers to these questions, you could be expending a lot of time and energy on the wrong action! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are easy to join. Spend sometime developing an “online presence” and get to know people within your industry. You could also offer articles or a blog on your website or have a link to a blog. People love FREE information and will consider you to an authority or expert in your field.

Join networking groups with “like minded” people who want to grow their business. Establish relationships with others first then do business. How can you help them? Surrounding yourself with positive, industrious people who are serious business people will gain your referrals and vice versa.

What’s the formula?

Find it, like it, and buy it is the formula for making money on the internet! You can have the most boring website without a lot of “Flash” and perform better than your competition. It’s about presentation and what you offer that your competition doesn’t. This includes great customer service in addition to quality products and services. Before you set out to make money on the internet, make sure you go the right formula for success!


What has been your experience with making money on the internet?


Develop your niche market…sometimes the most boring products sell!

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