Find Inspiration within Writing Groups

Most writers dream of writing the great American novel. This takes time, dedication, and perseverance. You may want to write a money-making novel before you attempt to write the great American novel. Writing groups will help you stay the course and finish your novel, eBook, memoir, screenplay, teleplay, play, or whatever it is you’re writing. There’s safety in numbers.

Sometimes you’re not inspired to write. Life can take you by the hand and lead you down many roads; some of them dark and mysterious, others sunny and straightforward. What if you’re not inspired to write? Where did inspiration go? Writing groups can help you find inspiration and keep it.

A writer’s group can benefit you in many ways. From bouncing off your ideas on others to correcting your grammar, you’ll learn a lot from other writers. In fact, you may want to join various writing groups because each one will focus on a different topic. For example, you may find a group that focuses on grammar and punctuation. You could join a fiction writers group or a screenwriter’s group. This way you’ll learn more about your particular writing niche.

Most writers are shy which is ironic because they’re communicators. Writing groups will allow you to break out of your shell. When you sell your book, you’ll embark on a book tour. Joining a writer’s group will help you to hone your speaking skills and gain confidence. The plan is to promote your best-seller not allow it to collect dust in your publisher’s office.

Screenwriters will benefit from writing groups because the members can read your dialogue. You may cringe at the thought of hearing your dialogue out loud, but it will help you write solid dialogue. And, you’ll find those pesky grammatical errors. Remember that group members are not actors. The point is to hear your dialogue. Is it too long or too short? Does it make sense? Would your character say the words you wrote? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions when you hear your words read aloud.

Writing groups are a great way to connect with other writers. Being a writer is a solitary experience which can make you feel alone in the world. Connecting with others will remind you that you’re not alone and that you’re not the only writer in the world. There are people who understand what you’re going through and will support you on your journey. Reach out to others and connect with them today because you never know where those connections can take you.


How can writing groups help you?


  1. I’m enjoying the writer’s group that I joined. I love having my screenplays read because it helps to hear the dialogue. The thought of hearing my dialogue read made me cringe, but I got over it. The feedback has been phenomenal.

  2. When your writers group reads your work,it becomes an advocate. Members recall the uncle who drank too much at Thanksgiving dinner, the older lady who has erotic thoughts during the pastor’s sermon, and the little Texas girl who solves a mystery during a hurricane. They want to know what happens. They recall your characters with affection and intensity. They keep you going.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting on Savvy-Writer! I’ll check out Restless Writers — it sounds like an interesting read!

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