Become a Journalist with Reporter Connection

I’ve been using Reporter Connection for two months. It was created by Bill and Steve Harrison and is the answer to your prayers. Write a book, boost your radio show ratings, and connect with experts by signing up with Reporter Connection.

What is Reporter Connection?

Reporter Connection is a free service that “connects busy journalists with experts to interview or quote on a particular issue.” You can sign up with Reporter Connection as a resource or journalist. Not only can you be a resource for someone, but you can interview experts for your project.

Freelance writers and Reporter Connection

Freelance writers will find Reporter Connection to be their new best friend. Sometimes you don’t where to find experts to interview for your book, radio show, or website. Reporter Connection connects you to experts within seconds.

I’ve used Reporter Connection three times and have been blown away by the responses I received. I had to stop two of my queries because of the amount of responses I received. In one day, I received 15 responses. The next day, I received 10. God only knows how many responses I would have received if I let my query run. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time!

If you visit my Screenwriting page, you’ll see the benefit of signing up with Reporter Connection. I met some amazing people who are experts their field. The knowledge these people shared is invaluable.

Sign up with Reporter Connection

Freelance writers sign up with Reporter Connection today and interview experts tomorrow. Sign up as a resource and you could be featured on a radio show! To learn more about Reporter Connection visit the website and click on the FAQs to find out more!


How can Reporter Connection help you with your next project?