Drill Down Your Keyword List

Business owners have been asking me how to find keywords and keyword phrases. Some business owners have an online presence, but they are not taking advantage of keywords and writing for the web. Now that they’ve decided to take advantage of SEO, they’re not sure how to do it. Never fear, Rebecca is here!

I use tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Tools, Google Insights for Search, and Google Trends. You can use these tools to “drill down” your keyword list. If you’re still not sure how to use them, contact me for a SEO consultation and I will walk you through it. Before you know it, you’ll be ranking in Google and customers will find you from all over the world, if that’s what you desire.


What does your keyword list look like?

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  1. I don’t recommend software programs very often but this recent service is superb. It is a keyword tool with a database of millions of keyword phrases showing the adwords traffic count monthly together with the google competition count as well as other figures.

    At a click of a button you will discover keyword phrases with traffic but no competition and I have used it already to get pages and websites to the top of the search engines, even with no backlinks.

    You can look at a video of it in use here – http://MarketEyeSite.com

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