Do You Have a Designated Writing Space?

If you’re like most freelance writers, you write from home. But it doesn’t mean you have a designated writing space. Some writers write at the kitchen or dining room table. This can be a sticky situation! It’s important to have a private writing space because you’ll be able to concentrate on your projects and won’t be interrupted.

Having a designated writing space within your home can cut down on distractions. You may need to create a “Do Not Disturb” or “Writing in Process” sign to prevent interruptions. If you have small kids, let them know you’re working from home and only to interrupt you if it’s an emergency. Of course, you’ll have to tell them what constitutes and emergency.

Make sure your writing space is inviting. You may want to consult a Feng Shui expert to make sure the “chi” or energy is flowing in the right direction for you. They can help you select the right paint color, furniture, and accessories for your space. You won’t want to leave your home office!

You may consider renting an office outside of your home and can probably find one that’s very affordable. It could be a great investment for you and your family. Who knows, you could end up purchasing the building and enjoy another stream of income!

Having a designated writing space ensures that you’ll complete your projects on time. You’ll have everything at your fingertips such as calendar, files, printer, and office supplies. You may consider purchasing a dorm sized refrigerator and stock it with healthy treats such as fruits and vegetables, yogurt, string cheese, and water. If you need a snack, you won’t have to leave your office.

Tip: Make sure you write at the same time each day and keep a writing schedule. Sometimes routines are necessary to keep you on track.

Freelance writers; create a ‘sacred writing space’ just for you. Perhaps you’ll listen to soft music or burn candles while you write. Maybe you’ll hang colorful artwork on the walls or have a fountain in the corner. Keep your area neat and clean and light and bright if this works for you. Organized chaos works for some writes but not for others. Make sure you enjoy writing every day in a space that works for you!


Where is your designated writing space? Share.


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  2. Hi Rebecca! My designated writing space is my home office. I absolutely love it! Of course, putting up the ‘do not disturb’ sign is almost a joke at my house–three kids and all–but I still manage to get quite a bit done! I used to work in a corner of the living room but when my business outgrew it, I finally got hubs to build me an office!

  3. Having a designated writing space or home office is a blessing. I’m thankful my office has two windows; I love sunlight! My next step is to use Feng Shui to rearrange my office to optimize the ‘chi’ or energy. We’ll see if it works!

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