Curious Copywriter Strikes Gold with Direct Sales Copywriting

You’ve considered your copywriting, haven’t you?

Learn How to Strike Gold with Direct Sales Copywriting from Amandah Blackwell-Savvy-Writer.

You’re writing direct sales copy, and people seem to respond to it, but you’re not getting the results you’d like. Sales are coming in at a snail’s pace, traffic to your landing page is a trickle, and your testimonials are slim to none.

And yet you wonder…

Do you need to be patient and keep the faith that your sales will skyrocket?

Or is it that your direct sales copywriting sucks big time [thus breaking the rules from AWAI, Inc.], and everyone who orders is just being nice or actually friends of your family and you just don’t know it.

Tap into Emotions to Write Direct Sales Copy

Why do you want to stir emotions?

Because selling involves tapping into the human psyche.

Think about it.

If you’re buying a new car, who would you rather buy from? Sophia Saleswoman who shows you a picture of her one year old daughter in her Halloween costume while telling you how motherhood has changed her life and why she now drives the car you’re considering buying. Or Sam Salesman who seems distant and uncaring.

I think you’d agree that Sophia Saleswoman would get the sale.


Because Sophia was engaging and charismatic. She revealed things about herself that you could relate to on a parental level. You trusted Sophia to sell you a safe and reliable car, while stylish at the same time.

Keep in mind that human beings feel more than two emotions, so you want to trigger a variety of them such as:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Love
  • Sympathy
  • Confidence
  • Surprise
  • Whimsy

If you focus on fear and greed, you’ll only reach a few prospects and that is not the point of sales!

Direct Sales Letter Copywriting Example

The following is a sample direct sales letter copywriting example that a digital media agency may use.

It’s Gibberish!

What You’ve Been Told About Copywriting Is Wrong…

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  • How to imagine your customer sitting in front of you as you write.
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  • Power words that grab your prospect’s attention.
  • Headline formulas that mesmerize.
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Some Copywriters Have Their Heads In The Clouds — And You Don’t Even Know It!

Uncover the true facts about direct sales copywriting from Inventive Agency, Inc.

Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat

Ever hear of Pandora’s Box or Pandora’s Jar?

The short version is that it’s an artifact in Greek mythology, from the myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Works and Days. The “box” was actually a large jar given to Pandora, which contained all the evils of the world.

When someone is curious about something they’re said to be opening Pandora’s Box because they don’t know what they’ll find once the box is opened.

This is why curiosity works in copywriting.

Here’s an example. If you’re a certified personal trainer, you may want to send out a direct mail piece such as:


Ancient Roman Exercise Discovered!


Doing This One Exercise
Can Help You
Lose 20 Pounds
In 10 Days
Or Less!

Do see the curiosity? Wouldn’t you like to know what ‘one’ exercise can help you shed 20 pounds in 10 days? I would!

The headline piques the interest of the reader and leads her into the copy.

The headline does implement the ‘fear’ factor. If the customer doesn’t learn what the exercise is, she won’t lose weight quickly.

Are You Ready to Turn $1,000 Into $1.15 Million?

Imagine logging in to your eCommerce site and finding it filled with order confirmations, or receiving thousands of orders at your place of business.

Instead of holding your breath when you log in to your account, you look forward to seeing your inbox because it means people have ordered your product.

This happened because you learned how the secrets of direct sales copywriting, or hired a copywriter.

Not only are you reaching your sales goals but you’ve finally started to realize a profit, which means you can start saving for your dream vacation and your retirement.

Think this is impossible? It’s not.

Understand copywriting, the importance of tuning into emotions, and visualize your customer sitting in front of you as you write.

You’ve got an example – all you need to do is study and follow it.

Amandah’s note: If you found this article useful, check out my content and copy writing services. I understand the struggles you may face when it comes to sitting down and writing content and copy for your business. Or if you’re a media agency, you may not have the staff of writers available to handle the work. I can help. Let’s set up a short meeting and have a chat. Contact me today!

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  1. Hello Amanda,
    This is really a very excellent post and I quite agree with all your points.

    Most sales pages never converts as a result of how poor it was written.

    If you really want to get the customers attention who will end up making the purchase then, you will need to engage them with a good and interesting story. You’ll have to wrote with empathy.

    once you do this really well, it will be very had for them to make a negative buying decision.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Theodore! Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

    You are correct. Most sales pages never convert because they’re poorly written. While writing with empathy is important, you also want to write in a conversational style. Leave out the jargon and imagine your customer in front of you as you write. Picture the conversation you would have, and then start writing.

    Thanks again for dropping by Savvy-Writer!


  3. Thanks for the extremely well written step by step blueprint Amandah!

    It’s funny how, even though you may not personally be able to do something,
    still in all, when you see it done correctly, you definitely recognize it!LOL!

    You definitely know how to tap into our emotional hot buttons, just like the tabloid
    writes do, with their sizzle selling headlines on the cover of the magazines!

    Now that I’m necessarily equating what you do, with them.
    It’s just your both equally effective!

    You both definitely get the and hold the readers attention! Thank for sharing some
    of your secrets!

  4. Thanks Mark for your comment. I’m happy to share my knowledge with others. Tapping into emotions works! I’ve read many an article or direct mail piece that made me take some type of action. That’s key. You want to provide a clear call-to-action. 🙂 Glad you liked the post. Stop by again!

  5. Hi Amandah,
    This is very helpful post for me because i just started my career with affiliate marketing and freelancing so this post is very relevant to my life of freelancing.
    i found here many ways to get direct sales for my article and thanks a lot.
    Cheers 🙂

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