Channel Passion into Your Writing

Most freelance writers say they are passionate about writing. But what does it mean to be passionate? It’s a clichéd word like azure, breathtaking, beautiful, and survivor. Writers will tell you they write in their spare time in addition to writing for a living. Are they passionate about what they write? Would the audience be captivated? What would the audience feel? How would they react? Would they feel passionate about what they’re reading? Passion can be a fickle friend to a writer.

The word passion sounds important and artistic, but what does it mean. Most freelance writers will tell you they have passion. What they mean is they’re driven and dedicated. This is not the same as passion.

It may be difficult to admit, but there probably have been times when you’ve read a novel, magazine or newspaper article, web copy, brochure, or manuscript that you felt was a waste of space and paper. How many times have you discovered clichéd words or overused punctuation such as the dash (–)? It’s as if passion left the writer before it hit the pages!

What can freelance writers do to keep the passion in their writing? For starters, ask yourself why you care about what you’re writing? Why is it important? What do you want the audience to take away from your work? Asking these and other questions can keep you on track with your writing. More importantly, it will ignite the passion or fire within you.

Freelance writers often ghostwrite for people. This means you write in another person’s style, tone, and voice. You can still write with passion even though you’re not using your style, tone, or voice. The byline may have another person’s name, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing the words you wrote are helping others. Remember, what you give out will come back to you.

When you write your own material, pour your powerful feelings onto the pages. Transfer your opinions, sorrows, and joys into articles, novels, screenplays, songs, poetry, and blogs. Do this all of the time and passion will be a tool that you use without even thinking about it.


How do you channel passion into your writing?