Add Value to Your Business with a Freelance Writer

Small business owners try do everything themselves from developing their website to fixing the copier, they believe they can do it all. You may need some help from time to time. Perhaps you’re spending too much time on your website and not enough on growing your business. Hiring a freelance writer can alleviate some of your work load and add value to your small business.

Small business owners use their website and marketing materials to advertise their business. Some have a staff of writers or a marketing department, others may have one person. There are some small business owners that write the web copy and marketing materials. Instead of focusing on growing the business their energy is spent on writing

Having to write a blog or web copy can be daunting. If you’re not a strong writer, you may find writing to be tedious. You may find yourself staring at the computer screen hoping that words will magically appear. They usually don’t. Before you know it three hours go by and you still have a blank screen.


Value of a Freelance Writer

  • Alleviates pressure. Many small business owners may not enjoy writing. Hire a freelance writer because they’re passionate about writing.
  • Has an objective viewpoint. A freelance writer will have an objective viewpoint. They’re not part of the day-to-day business so they’ll look at situations from a different perspective.
  • Cost effective. When you hire a freelance writer, you’re not paying the usual benefits such as medical, PTO, vision, etc…You’ll save money in the long run.
  • Accountability. A freelance writer usually gets paid half up front and collects the other half when the work is complete. This means she will COMPLETE the project because she wants to get paid.
  • Doesn’t take up space in the office. Most freelance writers work via telecommute. There’s no need for them to work in your office. It’s great for the environment because they’re not driving to and from work each day.

A freelance writer can make you money as well as save you money in the long run. A well written email campaign can draw many customers to your website. Not only will you see an increase in web traffic, you’ll see an increase in profits!

If you’re a small business owner considering hiring a freelance writer you may want to search online job websites such as and These websites cater to ALL freelancers. All you do is post your ad for a writer or search their database. You’ll find one in no time.

Freelance writers can alleviate the pressure you may feel to write copy yourself. After all, your focus is to grow the business and not write a blog for your website. Remember that a freelance writer can fill-in for staff writers when they take their vacation. If you don’t hire extra help, your staff may feel overworked and overwhelmed. They may not produce their best writing and this can cost you in the short and long run. Don’t make that mistake, hire a freelance writer today!

Savvy Writer Rebecca

How can a freelance write add value to your small business?