Writers Enter the Realm of the Seventh Sanctum

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Sometimes writers struggle to think of ideas, plots, scenes, and characters for novels. You may have a great idea for novel but are stuck on character development. Creating the right name can be particular difficult. This is why a character development worksheet is helpful. There’s also Seventh Sanctum which can help you flush out characters. It could save you time and aggravation. And, it’s free!

Seventh Sanctum offers creativity tools. You’ll find generators for characters, plots, ideas, and more. You don’t have to acknowledge Seventh Sanctum if an idea results in thousands or millions of dollars for you. But, it would be nice if you did give credit to the website and its developer.

How does it work?

When you visit Seventh Sanctum, you’ll see a list of generators on the left hand side of the website. For example, click on Characters and a list appears. Choose from general characters, animal-humanoids, for the fans, specific characters, or miscellaneous. Each generator has specifications that you can choose from to create your character. Let’s look at the General Character.

General Character

  • Click on the ‘general character’ generator.
  • Select the number of people to generate from the drop down menu.
  • Choose the character: regular, regular male, regular female, anime, anime male, or anime female.
  • Poof! Your characters are created.

The only aspect the ‘general character’ doesn’t do is give you character names. No problem. Click on ‘names’ on the left hand side of the website.


  • Click on the ‘names’ generator.
  • Choose the name generator: general, dark/evil names, species/specific, theme, locations, and ships.
  • Poof! Your character names are created.

Seventh Sanctum can save you a lot of time, especially if all you want to do is write your novel. Using the generators can cut your time in half. Make sure you have a basic outline for your novel because it can help guide your novel in the right direction.

Stop struggling with character development, ideas, plots, and scenes. Give Seventh Sanctum a try and see what it can do for you. Maybe your storyline isn’t quite there yet. Or, you may scrap your storyline and take one that’s generated for you. That’s what I did. Seventh Sanctum provided me with a great title and my characters are developing nicely. Now all I have to do is write the novel and thank Seventh Sanctum for my success!


How long does it take you to develop characters and character names? Share your thoughts.